Kids Beach Keepsake Mosaic Frames
"Personalized summer souvenir"
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
Kids Beach Keepsake Mosaic Frames;  
“Finders Keepers ~ Making your own personalized summer souvenir craft creation”

Beach keepsake mosaic frames are fun & fabulous personalized summer crafts to make with children at home, the
cottage, day camps etc. The children will love collecting all the seashells and components to create their beach

Hands-on time: half-day project
Total time: plus 48 hours to cure.
Skill: Easy and kid friendly for children ages 8 and up with adult supervision and some assistance.
Cost estimate: Approximately $10.00 per frame

Materials & tools:
- Wooden frame (7” x 9” with a center opening of  4” x 6”)
- Pencil (optional)
- Adhesive of your choice, you can use “No More Nails” by Lepage, Mortar adhesive, silicone or a glue gun, (all
available at hardware stores)
-  Assorted seashells and stones collected from the beach (also available at craft stores, and garden centers)
-  Glass nuggets in assorted colours, and coloured plastic seashells
-  Newspaper, to protect your work area
- Prepared grout – white or colour of your choice (all you need is a small container of prepared grout)
- Rubber spatula, or craft sticks
- An old toothbrush
- Plastic gloves
- Flat rectangle sponge, or cloth (Available at art and craft supply stores)

(Materials for this project are available at arts, craft and hardware stores.)

Collect seashells by the seashore and make colourful beach mosaic frames to cherish your summertime memories.
Make a vacation project out of it and have the children go on a seashell and rock expedition with beach buckets and
then work on the project over a few days. This is a great project to keep children busy and it’s as simple as gluing
and grouting. There are no special skills, tools, tiles or cutters required.

Make sure the frame is clean, oil and dust free. Lightly sand and wipe the frame to prepare the surface if needed. To
use as a guide for placement of objects start by sketching a design on the wooden frame. Choose the items such as
seashells (whole or broken pieces), rocks, glass nuggets and the variety to create your design and then place them
around the frame. Once all the pieces are in position, glue them on the frame one-by-one. You can put a dab of
adhesive directly on the shells and stones or you can spread the glue on the frame surface with a craft stick. Let the
adhesive set as per manufactures directions depending on the type used. Letting it set overnight is usually sufficient.

Cover your work area with newspapers. With a rubber spatula or a craft stick, spread some of the premixed grout
over the mosaic design until all the gaps are filled in. You can also use your gloved fingers to push some grout in
hard-to-get-at areas where a lot of seashells might be placed close together.

To remove excess grout, wipe gently but thoroughly with a damp sponge or cloth, rinsing the sponge a couple of
times. Use a toothbrush or a soft sponge to remove excess grout in the grooves around seashells.  Allow 30 minutes
and wipe again. With the spatula, spread some grout on the exterior and center borders of the frame to complete the
project. Let the frame dry and cure for 48 hours until it has completely hardened. Wipe with a damp cloth two or three
times during the drying period. Use a soft cloth for the final polishing.

Tips: Here’s a handy way to grout the beach frame that is easier for children to do; use a Ziploc bag, cut a small
diagonal hole in one corner, and put some grout in the bag. Using the bag like a cake-icer, squeeze out the grout to
fill in the gaps around all of the mosaic pieces.
Spritz your grouted project with a little water a few times in the 48 hours drying period; this will prevent cracks from
accruing during the drying time. If cracks should appear simply patch it up with a small amount of grout, using your
finger tip. The further apart your beach pieces are on the frame, the more grout it will require. There is no need to
use a grout sealer since this is a decorative item only and not recommended for exterior décor.

Variations: Using the same techniques as above you can also create a vacation souvenir box; cover a small wooden
box in the same fashion with seaside findings to use as a keepsake box for pictures and other cool stuff you want to
collect from your holiday.
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