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Miy Fall Decor Project: "Monotone Leaf Impressions"

Miy Fall Craft Decoration Idea; This fall the design trends from the fashion
runways to the home front are making impressive impressions with the pure
elegance of pairing blacks and whites. The classics are back and they are making
an impact. For a sleek, contemporary style, tabletop accents decorated with these
dramatic easy-to-paint and make-it-yourself fall basics can be quite stunning.

Hands-on time: Less than two hours.
Total time: 24 hours for the paint to dry and set, plus 35 minutes to heat-set in
an oven.
Skill: this miy fall craft decoration idea is of easy to moderate skill depending on
your details.

Materials & tools:
•4 plain, white china trays in the shape and size of your choice (available at dollar
•Rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth
•Porcelain 150 paints by Pébéo in black and white
•Stir sticks and a paint tray
•A container of water and paper towels
•Stencil with assorted leaf designs
•Graphite transfer paper - one sheet of white and one sheet of black (to make it
easier to see the transferred motifs on black and white items)
•Red pen
•Artist paintbrushes in assorted sizes

(Materials for this project are available at dollar stores and crafts stores.)

Monotone leaf impression trays can be created in only a few steps and can be
displayed to add style and elegance to accentuate your home with touches of

To Begin: Wash the china trays thoroughly and wipe them dry. Then, to prepare
the surface for painting, wipe the trays with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth.
Stir the paints before using. Place black and white porcelain 150 paint colors in a
paint tray. Prepare a container of water and some paper towels to clean the
paintbrushes between each color application.

For white trays with black leaves: align and place a leaf motif from your chosen
stencil over the black graphite paper, and place it over the white china tray. Using
a red pen (in order to see the outline of the design that has been transferred)
trace the outline of a leaf design in order to transfer it onto the tray. Repeat this
step for each leaf design you wish to apply onto the tray. I applied two leaf
designs on each tray. It all depends on the size of your tray and of the stencil
designs. A simple, balanced composition is the key.

Using a fine paintbrush, paint the leaves in with the black porcelain paint, and set
them aside to let them dry.For black trays with white leaves: begin by painting two
of the trays with the black porcelain paint and let them dry to the touch. You will
need to apply a second coat of black since you are painting over a light-colored
base, and let dry.

Align and place a leaf motif over white graphite paper, and place it over the now
black painted china trays. Trace assorted leaf designs to transfer them onto the
black trays. Repeat steps to transfer each remaining leaf design. Using a fine
paintbrush, paint the leaves in with the white Porcelain paint and let dry. A second
coat may be needed and applied once it is dry to the touch.

Once you have completed the trays: Let them dry and set for 24 hours. To heat-
set the trays, place them in an oven and bake them according to product
directions at 300 F (150 C) for 35 minutes.

Remove from the oven using oven mitts, and set aside to cool. Pébéo Porcelain
150 paints are nontoxic, scratch resistant, dishwasher and oven safe. Leave a
lasting impression with gorgeous accent trays to use as a centerpiece on a table
runner, on a mantel or on a coffee table. They're simply elegant and stylish!

Miy Variations:
•The stylish trays can easily be transformed into modern artwork to be mounted
onto walls, simply by adding a hook at the back of each painted tray. Just affix the
hooks with clear silicone, and let set for 6 to 8 hours.
Stylish Fall Craft ~ MIY Leaf impression Trays
"This fall make a lasting impression"
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s  S p o o k y   f o r  H a l l o w e e n"
Using Porcelain 150 paints by Pébéo
you can create elegant monotone
lasting fall impressions.
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Leave a lasting impression with
gorgeous accent trays to use as a
centerpiece on a table runner, on a
mantel, even to adorn a coffee table.
They're simply elegant and stylish!
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