MIY Recycled Shutter Decor ~ Magazine Rack
Branching Out with texture to make a Magazine Rack
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"

Recycle Shutter is transformed into a Stylish Magazine Rack ~
Revival to Re-utilize creatively

Miy Shutter Magazine Rack: I just love shutters, I like to recycle them and utilizing them in
various creative way throughout my home. Fall week-ends are a wonderful time
to go antiquing or to promenade through flea-markets. I recently had a garage sell to get ride of
a lot of stuff I mainly purchased at other garage sale. I noticed that the stuff that
I didn't’t sell is the stuff I really didn't’t want to part with. Like this old shutter style door, so I
painted it with a textured paint and then applied a free-flowing hand-painted branch design to
give it a stylish edge. Branch, leaves and blossom designs are very in this season and on
everything from pillows to purses. The shutter is now a stylish magazine rack, it’s out of my
garage and now serves a dual purpose, to organize my latest magazines and to add elegant
interest to an otherwise barren wall. It’s a great weekend project, painting the branches and
leaves were quite relaxing to do.

Hands-on time: Under two hours, depending on the details.
Total time: plus drying time of an hour for the paints.
Skill: Easy, even beginner painters can achieve this.
Project cost: Average cost for the materials only $15.00
(shutter prices can vary).

Materials & tools:
•  Wooden shutter (garage sales, flea-market find)
•  Drop cloth or old sheets
•  Acrylic Textured paint, Eggshell colour (White sands)
•  Sponge paintbrush (makes it real easy to apply the paint between the slants)
•  Damp cloth and mild detergent
•  Sandpaper, or electric sander
•  Pencil or chalk
•  Acrylic paint, for the branches and leaves (chocolate brown)
•  Paint tray and water
•  Chinese paintbrush

(Materials for this project are available at arts, craft and hardware stores.)

The slight sand textured paint finished will give any old shutter a whole new fresh look.  I liked
using the textured acrylic paint, especially for painting  shutters, because it requires “no-
sanding, no-priming” and it was easy to apply, especially on the slates when applied with a small
foam paintbrush. The foam brush also added to the texture effect as you apply the paint. This
fast drying paint bonds securely, resists chipping and fading and won’t peel off.
To start, clean and wash both sides of the shutter surface using a mild detergent and let them
dry. No other priming or sanding is required (this all depends on the shape the shutter is in).

I applied two even coats of eggshell sand texture acrylic paint with a foam brush, allowing it dry
between each coat. You can also make your own textured paints; simply go to an arts store and
by textured sand medium and add your choice of acrylic paint colour, its really that simple. The
two coats of textured paint will covered any scratches or imperfects on the surfaces on the
shutters. Make sure the shutters are dry prior to starting the next step.

Use a pencil or a chalk, to draw a design or a pattern outline of your choice, onto the surface of
the shutter. You can also just freehand the pattern as you paint. Place some brown acrylic paint
into a paint tray. Add a little bit of water to the paint in order to make it flow more as you paint,
but not runny. If you have never tried painting something free-hand this is a perfect project to
start with, first of all you can’t go wrong with branches and leaves. Apply the branch design in a
flowing motion it easier than it may seam especially if you use the right paint brush. Allow the
shutter to dry completely. Wipe off the exposed pencil or white chalk lines (if any) with a Mr.
Clean Magic Eraser. You don't need to apply a top coat over textured paint, only if you want to.

Once your masterpiece is completed. Lean the magazine shutter on a wall, or make a foot stand
for it, you can even hang it up on a wall of your choice.

Variations: Transferring designs or suing stencils is a little harder to do on a shutter, if you feel
you can’t go free hand you can always opt to use stencils or stamps along the border of the

Make your shutter magazine rack unique, paint it two colours, add decorative molding
embellishments, you can even paint it in different colour or apply a design of a different them on
the other side of the shutter, change side with the seasons. Or do the reverse of what I did paint
the shutter chocolate brown and apply the branches in an off white colour.

this old shutter style
door, has been
transformed with   
textured paint and
hand-painted branch
designs where applied
to give it a modish
edge. Branch, leaves
and blossom designs
are very in this season
and on everything from
pillows to purses.
Recycled jar
luminettes make
super summer
string them onto
branches, trees,
around the deck,
patio, and porch or
even on a fence.

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