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Miycreations Project article and photographs
by MaddyLane

Frosted Luminettes : “Recycled illuminations for Mothers Day”
Looking for a fun way to recycle baby food jars and various jars into creative ways? Ideal green gift to make
mom for Mother's day (great in class lesson plan) with easy to make glass jar luminettes using frosted glass
paint. Patterns are created with paper stickers, painter's tape, and adorned with decorative wire to illuminate
your patio, or deck. A perfect eco friendly creation to you can make with children.

Hands-on time: Under 2 hours
Total time: paint dries and becomes frosted once dry , plus 24 hours curing time, 35 baking in oven to set the
Skill: Easy, kid friendly projects, idea for day camps, vacation or the cottage
Cost estimate: Cost of materials to do luminettes under $12.00

Materials & tools:
-  Small or medium size baby food jars, or jam jars
- Vinegar and lint free cloth, paper towels  
- Painter’s tape in assorted widths, pencil and scissors    
- X-acto knife or craft knife  
- Assorted self adhesive stickers, circles, stars, flowers (office supply stores)
- Vitrea 160 Frosted glass paint (by Pébéo) water-based paints, I mixed silver acrylic paint mixed with the white
to create a silver frosted colour
-Sponge (a regular household sponge will do, you can also use a clean one that is ready to be discarded)
- Ruler
- Colour wire, clippers or pliers
- Cotton swabs
- Votive or tea candles

(Material are available at art and crafts supply stores)

This is one of the first MIY project articles that was published in the Gazette over six years ago. As a designer I
was always transforming regular household items into new creative uses. Why, because it broke my heart to
simply through out perfectly good items that could be re-utilized into new artistic ways. This project is what
started my MIY columns and today recycling and green crafts are now a big trend, for me it has always been
part of my creative philosophy and lifestyle.

Clean glass jars thoroughly to remove labels, and wipe dry. If the labels are hard to remove soak the jars in
warm water and soap for about half an hour. For stubborn sticky residue on the jars, apply a little vinegar or
rubbing alcohol and wipe off with a paper towel.

Use a variety of assorted self adhesive stickers like circles, dots, stars and so on to create cool patterns by
applying them to the clean glass jars. You can also cut narrow painter's tape in lengths to fit around the glass
jar for stripes, or draw your own designs on larger width tape, cut out with a craft knife and apply around the
surface of the jars.

Cover your work surface with newspaper and prepare your materials and glass items to be painted. Vitrea 160
paints are water-based and non-toxic, they can be used on food consumption items such as glasses, plates,
mugs serving tray as well.  

Place some frosted glass paint in a paint tray, I did some in blue, green and orange frosted paints. To achieve
a silver frosted paint I combined regular acrylic paint with the white frosted paint. Dip the sponge, dab it to
remove excess paint and apply the paint all around the jars. This is easy and fun for kids to do, plus sponging
on the paint will give the painted items a textured look. Once completed, place the painted glass jars upside-
down onto newspaper to let them dry, approximately one hour.

After one hour and before the jars are completely dry, use the tip of a craft knife or pin to help peel off the
stickers and painter's tape. If some bleeding occurred along the edges of some of the designs, it can be simply
wiped off gently with a damp cloth. To remove any adhesive left by the stickers, use a cotton swab and rubbing

Clean the paint tray and sponges with easy soap and water clean-up. Let the frost paint finish dry and cure for
at least 24 hours before heat-setting. As the paint dries you will see the frost effect become visible and the
shapes pop out!

Once baked, the colours and items are fully cured. Remove the glass items from the oven using oven mitts,
and let them cool before handling.

Once cured and heat set in any domestic oven, the glass items are scratch resistant and dishwasher- and-
oven-safe. Place the painted glass items in a cold oven and when the temperature of the oven has reached
325 degrees F (160 degrees C), bake for 40 minutes.

Cut decorative wire to desired lengths, and wrap it around the neck of each jar, making a loop at each side,
then attach a handle also with loops. Or you can cut a longer piece of wire to connect all the jars together, to
string them onto branches, trees, around the deck, patio, and porch or even on a fence. Place a votive or tea
light candle at the bottom of the jars and enjoy silvery moonlit nights!

Tips:  Applying a piece of double faced tape or sticky-tack at the bottom of the candles will secure them into
place and keep them centered in the jars.  

Variations: Use mason jars to make larger lanterns. For a super easy entertaining idea and centerpiece just
lightly spray assorted sized jars with frost glass paint (omit all stickers), let dry and fill half the jars with sand or
pebbles, add chunky coloured candles and simply illuminate.
Try a summer project version for children using a decoupage technique; have them cover assorted jars with
coloured tissue or rice paper (hand-torn into various shape and pieces) with Mod-podge and a paintbrush.
Once dry they can decorate them with assorted coloured wires and beads.
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