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Miycreations Project article
and photographs
by  Madeleine M Langlois

Spot this trend ~ Miy Budget decor.
On a budget no problem you can easily upcycle everyday items that
you already have into stylish decorations,

Do you have a plain lamp, lampshade, vases. mirrors that could used a little style
revival, or an older lampshade that is looking a little tired or has a few spots or
markings? Here’s a great budget décor idea, transform drab to fab in less than
one hour with decorative self-adhesive vinyl circle accents. Nowadays self-
adhesive coverings come in amazing colours, styles and patterns such as this
simulated wood-grain pattern that really looks like wood. A few vinyl circles
shapes combined with copper scrapbooking letters is all you need to re-vive and
upcycle various everyday household items into a fabulous decorative pieces.

Using decorative simulated wood-grain adhesive vinyl is a great way to fashion
otherwise plain items around your home. It’s really easy to use and it looks great
for a lot less! The adhesive backing allows you to reposition the vinyl during
installation without leaving a sticky residue. The decorative vinyl can be
repositioned because it only fully bonds to its surface after several hours.

Adhesive vinyl sticks to all smooth, dry and dustless surfaces. Dust and clean the
lamp base and lampshade before starting the project.

Unroll a length of wood-grain vinyl, and then re-roll it in the opposite direction to
flatten it out. Place the vinyl length on a flat work surface onto the paper backing
side. Use a circle template to draw approximately 18 circles in various sizes
(depending on the size of the lampshade) and cut them out. Craft circle punches
and rotary circle scissors can also be used to cut circles in assorted sizes, they
both work really well and make perfect cut circle shapes.

Peel off the paper backing and apply the vinyl circle shapes randomly or
strategically around the base of the lampshade. Use a cloth or a straight-edged
tool to remove creases and air bubbles by applying light pressure from the middle
to the outer edges of the circle cut-outs. If needed, reposition to eliminate
wrinkles, but be sure not to pull or stretch the shapes. Apply one vinyl circle
shape onto the base of the lamp in the same manner. Paper, glass, metal or
acrylic lampshades work best. For extra bonding on fabric lampshades you will
need to apply a little spray adhesive at the back of the cut circles prior to applying
them to the lampshade.

For extra appeal, embellish your lamp and lampshade with brass (metal, pewter or
of choice) letters. Apply a glue dot at the back of each letter and press it onto the
lampshade and lamp base. Apply the letters over some of the wood-grain circles,
at the center, or off-center at different intervals. For fun, I applied the word watt
onto the lamp base.

Let the kids be creative during their upcoming school brake, have them decorate
and their bedroom lampshades. They can cut out assorted shapes from stars to
dinosaurs using stencils as templates. They can then personalize their creation
with assorted embellishments from beads to pompoms borders. Use small
cardboard or foam scrapbooking letters to spell out the child’s name.

Vinyl stripes and squares shapes also add future interest to assorted items. I
made placemats using white stripes and the circle negative applied over the wood-
grain vinyl.

Vinyl decorative coverings are truly multipurpose with endless possibilities. It’s a
great way to quickly revamp all sorts of other items, around your home and office,
to cover shelves surfaces, toy boxes, toolboxes, pencil holders, storage box
containers, trash bins, picture frames, placemats and even to spruce up filling

Adhesive decorative coverings are available in a variety of bright colours,
glimmers, metallic’s, textures such as cork, faux-leather and velour’s designed all
to inspire your creativity to decorate with style.
The leftover vinyl pieces can even be used for embellish scrapbooking pages.

Tips: Pierce stubborn bubbles with a needle and squeeze the air out.
To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth or sponge using a mild soap.
WATT's Up....
Decorating for less, that is!
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Photos and miycreations projects are
~by MaddyLane Designs~
Vinyl stripes and squares shapes also
add future interest to assorted items. I
made placemats using white stripes
and the circle negative applied over
the wood-grain vinyl.
*Ideal for Students on a
tight budget, or simply
if you want to get
creative with your
decor budget!
Other fabulous items that you can jazz
up with decorative vinyl; plain mirrors,
vases and frames.
An other way to refresh
and revitalize a tired or
stained lampshade ~
sponge paint it using three
different colours in th
same hue.
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“Upcycled plain picture frames
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Miy up-cycling garden baskets
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Spot This Trend:
Upcycle everyday items.
Why skimp on style, get designer
looks, create them yourself for a lot
less with items you already have.

Hands-on time: Under 1 hour.
Total time: plus several hours for the
vinyl film to fully bond to it’s surface.
Skill: Easy and kid friendly (see variations).
Project cost: Under $5.00 per decorative
adhesive roll (enough for several projects).
Total project cost $15.00.

Materials & tools:
•  A plain lamp and lampshade with a flat
surface (plain, new or old in size of choice)
• Decorative self-adhesive vinyl, wood-
grain pattern (comes in 137 cm x 45 cm
rolls, available at discount and at
Hardware stores in assorted patterns and
• Circle craft punches in assorted sizes, or
a circle template or a rotary circle scissors,
such as those used for scrapbooking
• Pencil
• A straight-edged tool and a cloth
• Metal letters (the type used for
• Glue dots
• Adhesive spray (optional to use for extra
bonding on fabric lampshades)

(Materials for this project are available at
arts, craft and hardware stores.)

“Upcycled old placemats
with a fun Retro look"
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Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted
~ by MaddyLane Designs ~ Madeleine Langlois