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Miy Home Decor Creations
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Miycreations is an Eco-Friendly & Upcycling Creative Arts Lifestyle Magazine by Canadian Designer, Columnist,
Photographer Maddylane. The Miy creations project is to provide quality, creative, educational and innovative (Miy)
make it yourself GREEN creations and inspirations for the home and family. For the pure joy of making things –
Naturally simple ~ inspired by Nature.
I have been making things since I was a young girl.
It's what we did in our home for the pure fun of it.
I like making things so much I became a designer. Now with the economy situation and the time changing it's never
been more important to go back to basics and rediscovering the arts of making things in order to save where you can.
See how easy it is to make and create beautiful things for your home for less with flair.
Many of these projects utilize things that  you already have at home. New creations are made simply by recycling in
order to recreate. My motto is, revamp, recycle, recreate to reinvent.
Make your home decor original, make it special...make it yourself!
I invite you to unleash your creativity and try miycreations projects
and hope they will inspire you in wonderful ways!  
"Enjoy"  Maddylane
Miy Recycle craft
Napkin revival
Retro Deco
Recycled vase
MIY Stylish Screen Creation
Miy Monogram wooden stool
Miy Romantic
Micro Beads Lamps
Miy Painted Pillow Panache
Miy Faux-Fusion
Glass Vases
Miy Photo Transfer Decor
MIY Stylish Decor
Miy Home Decor Transformations:
Transforming  basic everyday household items to personalize them with style to suit  your decor.
"Miy Easy-Breezy
Summer Decor"
"Spring & Summer
miy Summer
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Miy Stain and Mosaic  
Kitchen Cart
Miy Painting Dishes
Painting on China
Miy Striped Bud
Vases - Recycling
glasses into
decorative vases
Miy Painting on Glass and China Wear:
Revamping  basic glass and dishes items that you already have with colour and pizazz
Green Crafts: Recycle to Reinvent
Transforming flea market and garage sale items into keepsake new found treasures
Miy Photo Frames
Miy Window Pane
Memo Board
Miy Recycled Jar
Garden Luminettes
Fabric Creations: Embellish with colours to revive fabrics  
Creative ways to give everyday fabric items a renewed look
MIY Inspirations and Trends
Miy Tray Chic
Miy Spot This Trend
Miy Colour Wash Chairs
Miy Graffiti Table
Miy Home Decor Creations & inspirations
Miy Nautical
Photo Decor

Miy Fall Impressions
Miy Recycle Tiles
Cheese Tray
Miy Chalkboard Art
More Miy Decor Creations
Miy Photo Pillow
Miy Shutter Magazine Rack
Branching Out
Miy Home Decor trends
miycreations by maddylane is... make it yourself Eco creations & inspirations for the home & family.

Miy Recycled Bottle Creations
"Recycled Illuminations for
Earth Day Celebrations"
Miy Mosaic Garden Balls
Made recycled toy plastic balls
Looking ahead to Spring  ~ Decorating Trends inspiration of the month
Key decor words for spring ; Fresh, and nature inspired. Colours; Sea mist, Eggshell, White Linen,  Lemon-lime greens.

MIY Eco-Friendly Garden Decor:
Re-cycled & Re-vamped
“Upcycled old placemats with an
easy to do fun Retro look"
Have fun with this project!
Save the landfills up-cycle!

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Miy Eco Creation project
Miy up-cycling antique finds

“Upcycled plain picture frames with a stained-
glass look  to make a modern address sign”

Garden Charms

TheText-it Garden Chair

Upcycled old placemats
with a fun Retro look
Miy Spot this Trend ~ Budget decor
Home Decor colour Trends ~ 2016
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