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" f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   Giving  Thanks ~  Decorating  with  nature's  bounty "
MIY Thanksgiving Special ~ Decor Craft Creations
Fall Creations
you will enjoy!
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Bountiful flower presentations ~ Carve out mini pumpkins and incorporate a blend of fall flowers; Miniature
sunflowers, Hydrangea's, Black eye Susan's, goldenrod, yellow yarrow, statice, tickseed-sunflowers (they
look like yellow daisies), various fall leaves, in a hollowed out mini pumpkin.
Make larger coordinating flower
arrangements ulitizing the same flowers and colours in taller vases to place around your home.
Make it Yourself Creations...      The Spirit of Making Things ~ Naturally Simple
My best friend and I both come from large families and both of our families are far away. So
every Thanksgiving since our kids where little we get together to create our extended
families and Thanksgiving celebration. While Karen and her husband are busy preparing
the feast, my contribution is the decorations. We do it all as a team effort and its so much
fun! I go for a walk in the nearby woods gather fresh elements. Colourful leaves make
wonderful accent spread around a table runner and to embellish a place setting. I was
inspired for the theme and colour palette simply by a photograph that I took while on a fall
Recycled Mummy Bottles
Fall & Halloween
Copper Leaf Wreath
Fall impressions ~
Monotones Leaf Trays
Zen Thanksgiving

For a festival fall welcoming entrance, display the harvest of Mother Nature in various container.
Incorporate small pumpkins, gourds, corn, tall grass, cat tails and leaves and flowers with outdoor
decor items that you already have. So simple, yet eye cacthing and oh so welcoming!

Be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance. Care for those around you. Look
past your differences and theirs. Give in any way you can, for to give is to love. Care less for your
harvest than for how it is shared and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace.
Giving Thanks ~ For our bountiful blessings
With all that is going on in the world with the economy these days; it is now even more
important then ever to count our bountiful blessings rather the dwell on the things that we
do not have. What the world needs is not for people to get stuck in the spiral negative
energy of fear. Do the opposite, the more we are grateful for what we do have to more we
are sending out good energy into the world around us. Thanksgiving is for giving thanks
for our many blessings....if we all did this everyday, the world would be a much better
place, ! When you say "I Give Thanks" with genuine gratitude.... You will feel its joy
instantly....for these are gifts of true of blessings
Happy Thanksgiving...Blessings and most of all enjoy! Maddylane
MIY Kids Crafts
Mini Pumpkin Luminaries
MIY Christmas
This Thanksgiving Instead of apple pie, try some sweet and creamy; Apple N Cheese Torte.
Spice up the turkey with a fresh herb rub. For a culinary delight;  utilize a half a pumpkin as
serving bowl. It's a fabulous way to serve up your favorite holiday hearty soups. Add a little
twist to traditional squash and pumpkin soups, by adding a couple of apples in your recipe,
a real treat!
~ Photos and miy creations by Maddylane ~
~ Photos and miy creations by Maddylane ~
~ Photos and miy creations by Maddylane ~
~ Photos and miy creations by Maddylane ~
I would like to share with you what we do in our home to decorate and to celebrate
Thanksgiving. Decorating for Fall and Thanksgiving doesn't have to be costly. This season try
decorating with natures bountiful and colourful elements. One can simply utilize nature's
harvest to create beautiful and colour seasonal welcoming displays. After all this is the way
the early settlers and our ancestors did it. The best part is that it won't cost you a lot of money
and you can gather most of the elements from your own backyard or from a nature walk. It's a
stylist and creative way to decorate your home indoors and out to give thanks for it all.
Miy Thanksgiving Centerpiece ~ Mini Harvest Pumpkin Bouquets
Miy Thanksgiving Tabletop ~ Nature inspired ~ Pure Simplicity
Miy Outdoor Bountiful Decor ~ Going back to basics
Miy Thanksgiving Feast ~ Delicious inspirations
Miy Adult Halloween
Costume Special
~ Photos and mosaic by Maddylane ~
Happy Thanksgiving...
Miy Curry Pumpkin Soup

With flu season upon us ~
eating healthy foods is important
to staying healthy.
Miy Curry Pumpkin Soup is good
food that is good for you.

MIY Thanksgiving Apple &
Cheese Torte
Miy Currry
Pumpkin Soup
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