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Miycreations Project article and photographs
by MaddyLane (Madeleine M Langlois)

These images are for keeps: Image transfers are a great and creative way to
decorate anything from wooden stools, business card boxes, coat racks to various
furniture pieces around your home or office.

Make gorgeous lasting impressions with your favorite photos. Transfer images and
artwork is a minimalist treatment that allows you to create eye-catching decorative
accessories in just minutes. This is an idea way to revamp and spruce up plain
wooden decorative items that you have around your home. Decorating assorted
wooden items from step stools and boxes to serving trays is as blissfully simple as
picking an image and ironing it on.

Hands-on time: Weekend project.
Total time: drying time for the paint finish and topcoat. 30 minutes for each sealer
Skill: Easy.
Project cost: : Less than $15 for the materials. They can be used to make several
other projects.

Materials & tools:
• A wooden step stool, old or new, (any wooden surface of your choice,   unpainted
wooden items are available at craft retailers)
• Sandpaper and tack cloth
• Acrylic paint and paintbrush
• Varnish topacoat
• Select an image that won’t smudge in water, a inkjet photo print out of your choice
that has been dried for several hours.
• Image Transfer medium /TRANSFERT D’IMAGE by PBO Deco  
• X-acto knife
• Steel ruler
• a cloth
• water and a flat water container, like a plastic tub

(Material are available at art and craft supply stores)

I used an old step stool that had a weathered finish and I liked it exactly as it was,
especially its apple green color. Therefore all I did was clean it thoroughly. I also made
use of a plain recipe box, which I painted silver; I will now use it as a business card file

Sand a wooden item to prepare the surface, and wipe with a tack cloth. Paint the
wooden item in a color and finish style of your liking, let dry and varnish. Wait a few
days before applying the laminate.

Choose an image of your choice and theme, make a print out using a laser printer, the
colors won't run. You can also opt to do a photocopy of an image you like, this works
well too. Let the print out or photocopy image dry complete to the touch prior to
starting the project.

Using a smooth brush, apply 3 to 4 coats of the image transfer medium directly onto
the image letting each coat dry for about 30 minutes between applications.  Apply on
coat horizontally and then the next coat vertically, alternately. Once all coats are
applied let the sealer dry thoroughly.

Submerge the image in a flat container of water, let the water seep into the paper for 5
to 10  minutes.

Remove the image and dry off the access water with a cloth. On a clean flat surface,
turn and place the image on the revere back side. Start rolling off the paper with your
fingers  in a gentle motion. Depending on the thickness of the paper you used, you
may need to rub and wet the image several times in order to get the back of the image
completely clean.

Trim the excess around the image. Apply a coat of image transfer medium on the back
side of the image to use as the adhesive. Position the image in place on the surface of
the wooden item. Apply an other coat of medium on the top of the image. Using your
fingers gently remove any air bubbles.

Once the image step is complete, let the newly decorated item dry completely prior to
applying the varnish topcoat.

You can also opt to decorate your item further, if desired before applying the varnish
topcoat, with rubber stamps, stencils or hand-painted designs of your choice.

Variations: Coat racks, picture frame borders, kitchen stools and assorted boxes like
recipe boxes, jewelry, and tea boxes, plus so many other furniture items can be
adorned with laminated keepsake pictures.

Image transfers can be uses on all kinds of fun accessories found in a child's room in
order to brighten it up with a given theme, like teddy bears, butterflies, sports or fun
geometrics. It's also a great way to preserve all sorts of treasured images and works of
art - like your child's artwork, simply make a photocopy. A super way to revamp a toy
box, a night table, bureau, peg rack, wooden chairs, even a growing chart.
Simple & Stylish floral
Add simple and
fresh spring blossoms to
your decor for a touch of
chic elegance. Sometimes
less is more.
• Going Green; utilize
green leaves to embellish
your floral arrangements
can give your
presentations extra

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