MIY Easy Breezy
Summer Decor
Inspirations and Creations

Painted Seashells:
Decorate large clams or
scallop shells with various
ocean themes (from fish to
lighthouses) using assorted

Sand Candles: Many
vacationing areas offer
creative workshops where
you can make your own
souvenirs to take home. If
you are fortunate enough to
be in PEI this summer, you
must stop at the Enchanted
Candles Shop in
Victoria-by-the-Sea to make
your own red sand candle.

Seaglass: Clean seaglass
with warm water and dish
soap, pat dry with a clean
cloth. Seaglass in a
kaleidoscope of colours
placed in a glass dish is
simply spectacular. For a
seaglass centrepiece, put a
few handfuls at the bottom of
a glass vase, add water, a
few single-stem flowers, and
floating candles.

Glass Containers and
Composed simplicity is
when assorted shell
collections are displayed in
elegant glass containers or
simple Mason jars. For a
personal touch, use a glass
maker or paints to mark the
date of your vacation directly
on the jar. Small jars can also
be filled with sand from the
diverse beaches that you

This Summer “Let the kids make
a Color splash”
“Instead of throwing out an older or
stained tablecloth or to spruce up a
plain one....let the kids make a splash
and add more color to it.” Not only will
they have a blast doing it, but then you
get a new colorful and unique picnic
tablecloth! How fun is that!

Moms and Day camps, looking for a
fun activity to keep the kids busy for
at least half an hour or so and paint
an original tablecloth at the same
While preparing items for a
garage sale, I came across an old
tablecloth that had a few stains. Instead
of tossing it out I thought why not add
more color to the table cloth to hide the
stains. So, we loaded up small water
guns with diluted fabric paints and let
the kids make a huge color splash onto
the tablecloth. The results were not only
fun for the kids, but we now have a
super picnic tablecloth as well.
Sweet Summer Delights
Rocks: Creativity on the beach using
rocks; kids can make their own
Inuksuk, men-like statues, directly on
the beach using rocks they find. This
will keep them entertained for a while
as they try to find the right balance to
hold the structure up. Or make your
own for your home or cottage garden.
Back to Basics
“Beach-Style Decorating
...... Adecor Breeze”

As with many people, I like to bring back
mementos from my vacation getaways.
My favourite things to bring back are
beach findings because they can really
add a soothing sense of serenity to any
decor throughout your home or office.
The examples below are all inexpensive
ways of displaying found items, such as
seashells, seaglass, driftwood and
skipping stones, while taking walks along
the beach. What to do with the bucketsful
of shells that you carefully gathered from
your beach vacation? Display your beach
keepsakes to enjoy all year long, in
bedrooms, bath rooms, living rooms, on a
console table in the front hall and even
outdoors to decorate the deck or the
I would like to share with you a few, super easy summer  
decorating inspirations.. At the home or at the cottage, simplicity is
truly key for easy-breezy decor with style!
Photographs and inspirations; by Maddylane
Super simple summer outdoor
The votive holders were
painted with glass paint drippings, all
embedded in sand on a tray, surround
by seashell shaped plaster casters
made by the kids..
"Oh So Easy Summer
The fresh taste of summer
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Camouflage Cargo Chairs

“Upcycled plain picture frames with a stained-
glass look  to make a modern address sign”
Miy up-cycling garden baskets
& water cans
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