About Miycreations by  Maddylane ~ Artist bio    
Inspired by nature ~  the miy motto is: re-cycle, re-vamp, re-furbish, re-craft all to re-invent to re-decorate. Making beautiful
things for less with things you already have ..for the pure joy of making things ~ naturally simple!

Maddylane (Madeleine Langlois) is a Hudson local artist, décor designer, columnist and photographer…with many creative
ventures to her credit over the span of her creative career.

With a unique style of her own, Maddy is the Canadian forerunner for the MIY (make it yourself) movement.

Maddylane’s weekly @ Home décor with Maddy, Miy articles where featured in the Montreal Gazette and various Canadian

With a keen eye for photography and product merchandising, Maddy enjoys taking all the stylish pictures for her MIY articles.
Her up-to-date and imaginative ideas are due to her combined backgrounds both as a fashion and giftware designer, which
have created her trademark and distinctive style.

Her artistic touch has also graced children’s books, unique giftware products, Christmas decorations, as well as designed for
major Canadian companies, ladie’s and children’s wear. Maddylane gives workshops and presentations to various groups,
organizations, from private classes to large public décor shows.

When Maddy is not making things, her passion is enjoying nature, kayaking and photography.  It's the excitement of
capturing a moment, an instant forever, it’s pure poetry for the heat and Soul!…it makes everything else worth while! Her
love for nature and Canada is illustrate in her every magical landscape capture.
Canadian Designer,
Columnist, Photographer
specializing in nature and natural designs.
Maddylane's Portfolio ~ My Story
Here is a slide show of many of the Canadian products that I have designed over the years. You can read my bio below,
but I wanted to share with you my story visually of some of the creations and accomplishments that I have achieved over
the spanned of my creative career. You probably have seen some of these products over the years and even have had
some of them in your homes. I wanted to tell you in my own words a bit about myself. I was born in Montreal, the middle
of a large French Canadian family. I grew up bilingual with roots in Ottawa and in the west island of Montreal. My mother
was very creative, we where always making something, from our clothes to decorative items for the pure fun of it.
I studied fashion merchandising and design. While studying fashion I modeled and fell in love with photography instead. I
Started my first company at 20 designing ladies loungewear. I then went on to design ladies fashions, fashion
accessories, children’s wear and a children's book. This was all when designing was done buy hand.
Then computers came in and changed the industry.
 It was at this time that somehow I made the design switch to home
decorative creations, Christmas decorations and home scented products. I went back to designing children' s wear for a
few years. Then after my second child was born, my priorities changed and I went back to my first love which was design
and making things for the pure joy of it. I started writing articles and taking photos of my creations and sent them to the
Montreal Gazette. I feel truly lucky to have had my MIY articles @Home decor with Maddy published for a six year period.
Then the newspaper industry changed because of the internet and I had to regroup and redirect my career direction to
include the internet and this is how the miycreations website came to be. I made this website myself. I could use the help
of someone who is more knowlegable in this area, because there is so much to learn everyday about the internet
business, it keeps changing. All the Miy articles, photographs and products are all my creations
I keep working at it all because i'm passionate about it all and because .. I believe!
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Miycreations is an Eco-Friendly Creative Arts Lifestyle Magazine by Canadian Designer, Columnist,
Photographer Maddylane.
The MIY goal is to provide quality, creative, educational and innovative (Miy) make it yourself
GREEN creations and inspirations for the home and family.
For the pure joy of making things – Naturally simple ~ inspired by Nature.
Thank you for your visit ~ Maddylane
miycreations by maddylane is... make it yourself Eco creations & inspirations for the home & family.

Miy Recycled Bottle Creations
"Recycled Illuminations for
Earth Day Celebrations"
Miy Mosaic garden Balls
Made recycled toy plastic balls
miycreations by maddylane is...
Make it yourself Eco creations &
inspirations for the home & family.
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