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Photos and text by MaddyLane
Stylish Decor Adaptations...
Utilizing simple home items in creative new ways
to decorate your home with style!
When I go shopping I often find items that inspire me to use them in different and
creative ways and purposes other then what they where originally intended for.
This fall try a few MIY At Home "O" so easy to do style adaptations to embellish
your everyday decor.
Ring Dish to Delightful Modern Glow...
I liked these silver ring dishes, they are such a sensational idea. These silvery beauties
where designed to put your rings and jewels in while you do the dishes, perfect for a night
table, or where ever you want. I liked their sleek designed so much that I thought their unique
shapes would make magnificent modern votive holders. Transform ring dishes into modern
contemporary style votive holders. Simply add tea-candles and voilà. They make fabulous
centerpieces, simply group them in a cluster. They also look so stylish simply graced along a
mantel. A quick and easy ways to add original ambiance to any room in your home. Stainless
steel Ring and jewel Dishes by Umbra available at Union Lighting & Home, $7.99 each.
From Kitchen sink mat to place mat and lantern wraps...
I fell in love with these pebble mats. They are such a fantastic product, their nature like appeal makes them unique.
Simply trim the mat to fit any sink, just cut away the center pebbles. Protect your sink as well as your dishes with this
attractive and versatile sink mat. The vinyl mat has a unique "pebble" design that looks great in your sink and helps
cushion items on top of it. The mat is also customizable, allowing you to cut the outer pebbles to fit the inside of your
sink and the inner pebbles to make an access hole for the drain. I though these were such a cool design, why not use
them as place mats, or a lantern warp. Simply wrap the pebble mat around a plain glass vase adhere onto the vase with
glue dots. A simple fall entertaining idea, use river pebbles to decorate napkins instead of using napkin rings.
Small mat measures 13 1/2" L x 10 3/5" W x 1/10" D. Large mat measures 17 1/5" L x 12" W x 1/10" Pebblz Sink Mat by
interDesign, clear or earth tone by interDesigns.
This fall bring the outdoors in to create your own indoor oasis to decorate your space. Plain wooden circle trays, large
white china platters and tall glass shaped vases can be transformed in minutes, using sand, earth tone decorative
grains, embellished with cactus and river rock candles. Trays, platters and candles are available at Re-vive.
Add a touch of nature's elements to enchantment you plain lampshade's.
Twigs wraps are normally used to wrap around flowers, vases or bouquets,
they can also be used to make gorgeous enhancements when wrapped
around lampshade's. Simply stretch and place over your favorite
lampshade base. Another fabulous find are these lampshade chains, they
can be attached to basically any lampshade that you like, a great way to
light a cozy corner of your home in literally minutes.
Available at Lois Butler.
These Pebble Mats Really Rock!
Tray Earthy Chic Arrangements...
Light up your home with a
touch of nature..
Ring dish
Ring dish to stunning
decorative lanterns.
Pebble sink mat
Pebble sink mats can be used as glass vase wraps and stylish place mats
Plain trays
To Tray Chic nature influenced arrangements
Twig Wrap
To Oh Wow, now that's
a brilliant idea!
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