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"Back-to-school fashions fit to a T"
Kids can design their own shirts

Let your kids design and personalize their back to school fashions with their own style. I didn't
like some of the commercial designs offered on some of the clothing for my youngest son age
group, so I gave my boys Setaskrib fabric makers and a few plain t-shirts and said “Here you
go… draw something cool on these T-shirts”. Well, I have to tell you, this is a project that they
both enjoyed doing (even if my boys are different ages, one is in elementary school and one is
a teenager). I was amazed at their original creations. I could not supply them with enough T-
shirts, they just kept on going they were having so much fun. Get your children to design and
personalize their own back to school wardrobes. Teens can get very creative with these
markers to make very cool fashion statements on their jeans, jackets, school bags, etc.

Materials & tools:
•  Plain t-shirts in solid light solid colors or various fashion items of your child’s choice (you can
revive the ones that you already have or purchase new plain ones)
•  Setaskrib and Setaskrib+ fabric markers by Pébéo in assorted colors and effects
•  A piece of cardboard
•  An iron and ironing board (to heat-set the designs)
•  Stencils or templates (optional)
•  Painter’s tape (optional)

(Materials for this project are available at arts, crafts, fabric and the above-mentioned stores.)

It’s that easy to transform plain t-shirts in creative works of art, or spruce some of last years t-
shirts with new designs, patterns and colors to make the most of your kids wardrobe. From free-
hand style graffiti like tags designs to simple geometrics shapes, swirls and even scribbles.

SetaSkrib fabric makers are so easy to use with basic stencil shapes, it’s really child’s play.
Setaskrib and setaskrib+ fabric markers are very practical felt tip markers for drawing on all
types of fabrics, clothing and accessories. They are available in fine, broad or "brush" tips,
they are available in bright to fluorescent fashion colors. The clear vivid and bright colors will
liven up plain t-shirts in no time at all.

Pre-wash, dry and iron the t-shirts of fashion items to be used. For optimum color adhesion,
do not use bleach or softeners. Place a piece of cardboard between two layers of fabric to
prevent the color from seeping through.
You can secure the t-shirts to a work area by placing painter’s tape on the sides along the
borders of the items, for stability while drawing on the t-shirts.

When using fabric markers you can either follow a design that is already on clothing items or
you can opt to go free-hand. You can also add your own design; you can purchase simply iron-
on transfer paper, available at fabric retail stores. Some iron-on transfer papers are available
with ready-to-use designs. Iron the design onto clothing and apply the fabric marker color
where desired.

To use the markers on the fabric, simply press lightly and glide evenly. Children can follow a
design of their choice, or work free-hand such as loops, swirls, lines, checks, dots, curves or
funky graffiti-style artwork. Once the child is finished or satisfied with the composition, remove
the cardboard. Set the T-shirts aside to let them dry and cure completely at room temperature
for 24 hours.

The marker designs will dry quickly. Heat set the markers with an iron, by pressing for two to
three minutes on the reverse side of the t-shirts on the cotton setting. Once heat set, the
designs are permanent, but wait 48 hours before washing the newly decorated fabrics. The t-
shirts creations will withstand machine washing and drying.  You will be amazed on how bright
the colors remain.

Heat-set; the fabric markers by ironing the reverse side of the item for 3 minutes (cotton or
high setting). Once heat-set, the colorful marker designs are machine washable, ( wait at least
48 hours before washing them). The colors will not fade, crack or peel-off, and remain flexible
once dry.

Variations: Clothing items and accessories from jeans, hats, purses, to fabric running shoes
can also be embellished with spectacular colorful designs.
Achieve a unique watercolor effect by going over the marker lines with a paintbrush and some
They can also be used in combination with and over fabric paints.

You can also use the fabric markers to embellish various decorative accessories as well, such
as tablecloths, napkins, pillow cases, placemats, runners and curtains etc.
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