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Miycreations Project article and photographs
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“Get a “step-on-it!”
Add a welcoming touch to your Halloween Decor
Recycle Décor - Transform leftover vinyl or linoleum flooring into creative
Halloween Mats     

Hands-on time: under 3 hours.
Total time: plus paint and varnish drying time.
Skill: easy and kid friendly.
Cost estimate: Average $18.00.

Materials & tools:
- Vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring (sold by the foot at major home renovation
- Pencil, long steel ruler or measure tape
- Utility knife
- Gesso (to use as a primer)
- Acrylic craft paints in fall colours, PBO Deco (Cream Couleur)
- Craft paintbrush 2.5 cm and fine paint brushed for details and outlines
- Exterior clear high-gloss latex urethane
- Artist oil pastels sticks in assorted colors (sold individually by the color, they feel
like fine chalk)
(I used Burnt Sienna, Indian Red, turquoise blue, may green by Holbein)

(Materials for this project are available at arts, crafts, and hardware stores as well
as at garden centers.

Autumn is always a great source of inspiration. Why not get a step-on-it and create
a colorful and inviting pumpkin mat which is sure to add warmth to your entrance
while welcoming your quests this fall.

Mixing mediums is the key to achieving this rustic look by combining bright acrylic
paint colors and using oil pastels smudged over the dried design for innovative
detailing on simple vinyl flooring. If you can carve a face on a pumpkin you can
paint a pumpkin mat!

Measure the vinyl to the desired size and cut with a utility knife or strong cutters.
Apply two base coats of Gesso with a paintbrush onto the backside of the vinyl.
Allow each coat to dry for at least an hour in between coats. With a pencil draw a
freehand basic pumpkin outline shape with leaves at the top directly on the mat
over the dried Gesso, or you may opt to cut a stencil of your design.

Using assorted acrylic colors, paint in your design with various paintbrushes.
Blending and overlapping similar shades such as using three different shades of
orange over each other as you go. Let each color dry before apply the next color
range. Let the whole design dry before painting on the eyes, nose, mouth and
outlines around the pumpkin using a fine paint brush.

Once your design is completely dry, use oil pastels pencils to add shading and
details on the pumpkin’s face and leaves to add a three dimensional illusion
(effect). Smudge the oil pastels with your finger tip or a paper towel, use whatever
feels more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to try using contrasting colors; I used
Turquoise Blue and May Green in the leaves and Indian Red, Burnt Sienna on the

Apply two to three coats of exterior latex urethane to the surface, and letting dry
between each coat. Let dry overnight. Using the cutters, cut around the pumpkin
shape and the mat is ready to be displayed to greet your guests.

Tips: You can apply non-skid backing (available at hardware stores) at the back of
the mat apply with double-faced tape if you desire or if you have a heavy traffic
area entrance. For a large area mat you can use a paint roller to apply the paint to
the vinyl flooring.
For maintenance, simply wipe the mat with a warm damp cloth is usually sufficient.
Mild soap detergent can be used with a damp cloth.

Variations: This project is an easy way to  create amazing fall or holiday projects
in any shape and size such as; placemats, coasters or table runners. If you have a
long hallway or pathway, make several mats in shapes of fall leaves and painting
them in all different autumn colors or eerie spooky shapes from ghosts to bats for

Here’s a fun idea; make a mat for your cat or dog eating area in any festive holiday
shape or shapes to amuse you pet such as a bone, mouse or fish shapes.

Decorative holiday mats can also be used as wall decorations positioned near a
front door or side wall mounted with scotch double-stick tape or quality sticky tack.
MIY Fun Halloween Decor Idea
Pumpkin Matt
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
Autumn is always a great
source of inspiration.
not get a step-on-it and
create a colorful and inviting
pumpkin mat which is sure
to add warmth to your
entrance while welcoming
your quests this fall.
Add extra charm to your
welcoming path; Pumpkin and
gourd clusters are so
enchanting stacked up along
steps or on a front porch.

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