MIY Teen Bead Decor: Bejeweled Recycled Creations
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Miycreations article and photographs
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MIY Teen Bead Decor: Bejeweled Recycled Creations
Recycled bottles make beautiful beaded decorations. Various recycled bottles
and vases from tinted glass to multi coloured are embellished with a little
pizzazz to bejewel a special corner, shelf or mantel.

Hands-on time: Approximately half an hour per bottle.
Skill: Easy, ideal for kid & Teens.
Cost estimate: Approximately $2 per bottle (excluding the bottles).

Materials & Tools that you will need for the various projects:
• Glass bottles in assorted colours, size and shapes (the best place to get
original and unique bottles are flea markets, yard sales and rummage sales)
•  Wire cutters, needle-nose pliers
•  22 to 24 gauge Fun Wire in assorted colours (available at craft stores)
•  Assorted beads in various colours, size and shapes. Smaller beads like seed
beads and pony beads are perfect for this project. Available at dollar stores,
craft stores and specialty stores.
•  Screws or nails in assorted sizes and lengths (to make curls and corkscrew

(Materials for this project are available at arts, craft stores and hardware

This is a design-as-you-go project. Select beads and coloured wires to
coordinate with your bottles.

Depending on the shape of the bottle, try to decorate a focal point. For each
bottle creation once assorted beads are threaded to the wires, make a closing
loop with needle-nose pliers at the ends of the wires to secure the beads.

For a bubble-neck bottle, cut a meter of coloured wire with wire cutters. Make a
small hook shape at one end; hold the hook below the bubble, wrap the wire
around the neck once and insert the wire in the hook and continue to wrap the
wire around the neck several times. Secure the other end of the wire by
tucking the end under the previous row, creating a hook closure.

Accessorize bottle necks with contrasting wire colour and beads. Secure a wire
at the neck, then thread assorted beads at different intervals while wrapping
the wire around the neck of the bottle. To fastened the end, tuck it under the
previous row.

Loosely wrapped wire makes for an interesting effect with a bracelet-type
accent placed around the collar. Cut a piece of wire about 15cm long. Insert a
large bead then several smaller beads, then finish with another large bead and
finish with a loop. Place the beaded wire length around the collar then twist the
wires to connect them together into place. To add a curled wire accent, curl
the wire with a pencil tip, slide in assorted beads and secure each end with a

To make a butterfly, cut a 5cm piece of wire, make a loop at one end then
insert 3 beads (a small square one, a pony bead and a longer bead to make
the body). With a wire length of 20cm, make four loops using your fingers, twist
them together at the center to hold them in place. Attach the wings to the
body, and the body to the bottle with a wire piece.

To make corkscrew wire shapes, wrap a wire length around a skewer, nail,
chopstick, knitting needle or similar object. Add a combination of corkscrew
shapes in various colours with assorted beads to create another type of free-
form bottle collar décor. Bend the corkscrew at the top to hook it onto a wire
that has been randomly looped, beaded and placed around the collar.

You can also use double-faced tape or craft glue to secure wire to bottles.
Nail clippers can also be used to cut wires. You can add colour tint to clear
glass bottles by painting them with diluted glass paint or by spraying them with
Krylon's Glass Magic Spray in the stained-glass finish.

For extra décor dazzle, variations for this project are endless. Why not make
a style statement and start a bottle collection in various hues for the changing
seasons. Aside from bottles, consider vases, pillar candles, candle holders,
and jars of all types for other fun variations of the above project.
With spring around the corner think of outdoor projects like decorative
garden items: rims of planters, watering cans, or iron accents.
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Recycle to redecorate; Making
beautiful things with things you
already have.
An ideal March break project for
teens to make.
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