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Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Madeleine M Langlois, MaddyLane Designs

Chalkboard Art Decor Project : Chalk it up!!!!
Give the family a creative outlet. New artwork can be created daily.
Family and guests will want to fill the board with their creativity.
Having an chalkboard art canvas in a central part of your home such as
your kitchen or hallways makes it very convenient and accessible to the
whole family. It's Perfect to write down notes, grocery lists, and those
Spring to-do chore lists!!!!!

Hands-on time: Under 1 hour
Total time: drying time for the chalk paint, one hour for each coat.
Skill: Super Easy
Cost estimate: Under $20.00

Materials & tools:
•  Artist canvas, 3-D box style
•  Chalkboard paint by Pébéo, available in various colours
•  Plastic sheet, liner, or newspapers
•  Paintbrush, or a small roller
•  Chalk sticks in assorted colours (good quality brightly coloured chalk gives
better results)
•  Lint-free cloth

(Materials for this project are available at arts, craft and hardware stores.)

Unleash your family's creative talents and imagination by painting an artist's
canvas with chalkboard paint. The canvas becomes an interactive surface that
adds life to bare walls. We have a lot of fun with these chalk art boards, we write
lists, saying of the day, draw fun designs, and my youngest even does his
homework on them, they are truly as useful as they are fun!

Chalk paint is fast-drying, low-gloss, durable and washable. It levels out by itself
for a smooth finish without runs. It can be used on practically any surface from
walls to floors and even furniture. Flat surfaces such as tabletops are ideal for
children's artwork, keeping notes or playing games.

This is a very simple and inexpensive project for any room. You can use the
chalkboard to display a bistro-style menu in the kitchen, feature inspirational
quotes in a teenager's room or create masterpieces for various holidays
including Halloween and Christmas.

Little preparation is required. Chalkboard paints do not need any special
primers or sealants. Just make sure that the canvas is clean. Cover your work
area with newspaper or a liner.

Using a paintbrush or small paint roller, simply apply two coats of chalkboard
paint in your choice of colour. Let each coat dry for one hour between
applications. Let the canvas dry for at least 12 hours prior to use. No topcoat is

If you want, you can apply a second colour combo. Use painters tape to tape off
the area, apply a coat of the second colour and let dry.

To break in the chalkboard, cover the entire surface with chalk and then erase
with a lint-free cloth. Children would enjoy this step.
Mount the chalkboard in an accessible spot such as the kitchen, hallway,
children's room or family room. Keep a dish of chalk and an eraser nearby. A
small shelf under the canvas is a wonderful addition. Create new artwork each
week or every day. If the chalkboard becomes dull after repeated use, clean
with a damp sponge.

You'll find that everyone in the family, and even guests, will want to get in on the
fun, filling the board with notes, fabulous art or inspiring messages.
If you find yourself with a masterpiece, spray the chalkboard with a coat of clear
varnish to preserve the image.

Variations: Chalkboard paints can also be applied to various items throughout
your home, including serving trays, decorative wooden boxes, toy boxes and
picture frames. Try using chalkboard paints on the backs of doors, drawers and
even on furniture. For school and office use, apply it to clipboards, filing
cabinets, lunch boxes, Thermoses, pencil holders, game tables or walls. It's also
an inexpensive way to resurface ping-pong tables.

Create the bistro charm in your dining room or kitchen. Make art canvas
groupings on a large wall, get creative combine several chalkboard colour
paints; paint some in green, some in black or how about red, turquoise or pink?
To make a quick note pad and
shopping list reminder..I simply
painted an old chopping board on
the backside with the colourful
turquoise chalks paints by Pébéo.
It's very convenient.
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More Miy Decor Projects
Give the family a creative outlet. New
artwork can be created daily. Family
and guests will want to fill the board
with their creativity. These two
chalkboard works of art where
creations by my boys.
paints by Pébéo.
PBO Deco has just launched a new
line of exciting  beautiful colourful
chalkboard paints. They are
available in various stores across
Canada, the US and Europe.

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