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Miy project; Painted Pillow Purple Panache

Hands-on time: about 1 hour and a half.
Total time: plus air dry time for an hour,
and 5 minutes with an iron to set colors.
Skill: Easy.
Cost estimate: Approximately $8.00 per pillow.
Materials & tools:

Materials & tools:

Decorative throws pillows are the “in” décor accessories for spring. They make perfect
accents because they are so versatile. They can refresh any room with flair by adding
color; pattern, interest, comfort and style. They are just the right elements to complete
any décor.

Among the hot pillow-cover trends this year are beads, metal rings, assorted fringes,
sequences, glitter and hand-painted designs. Trendy materials include faux fun fur,
leather, suede, bulky chenille, textured jacquards, damask, embossed velvet, satins,
raw silks, and puff quilted fabrics.

A plain white or tone-on-tone damask pillow cover can be transformed to suit your style
and decor. Once I changed the colors of my walls, I realized that this plain pillow cover
needed color punch to suit the new décor. I painted it with shimmering purple hue
squares and decorated it by added silver rings with metallic thread to give it an urban
renewal look with a modern edge.

I used Setacolor Shimmering Opaque paints because their deep rich shades and
glittering effects have a subtle brightness, which changes depending on the light. The
results are truly chic!

Pillow covers should be pre-washed, without using bleach or softeners, then dried, and
ironed. Insert a piece of cardboard in the pillow case; this will prevent the fabric paint
from sticking to the back of the pillow case or to your work area.

With a square template or stencil, a ruler and a disappearing fabric pencil, draw five
rows of squares, creating 25 squares onto the pillow cover. Secure the pillow cover to
your work area with tape along the borders for stability while you paint. Paint the
squares with assorted fabric paint colors. Start at the top of the pillow and work your
way down, doing one color at a time. For example, do all the darker purple squares first,
then add white to lighten the purple, and repeat steps for each new color added.

Allow the pillow to lie flat on a clean surface until dry. Once dry, fix the Setacolor paints
by ironing the reverse side of the fabric for 3 minutes on the cotton setting. Once fixed,
the designs resist machine washing and dry cleaning.

To add the metal rings, make a center mark on each second square with a pencil. Stitch
the metal rings to the pillow cover at the markings using metallic thread. Insert the
needle from the back side of the cover through the center opening of the ring. Stitch
around one side of the ring, then back through the opening and repeat stitch for the
bottom, other side and top of the ring. Repeat steps to stitch the balance of the metal
rings into place.

Throw pillows not only help tie together various decorating elements and style, they are
an easy way to personalize, complete and update any décor style.

Variations; Setacolor paints can be used on all types of fabrics from fine to heavy such
as; cotton, wool, velvet, non-woven and even leather. Pillowcases, linens, placemats,
table runners, napkins and even lamp shades can be easily revived and enhanced with
a little dash of color and creativity. Fabric paints, liners and markers can beautifully
embellish, from sheer to organza pillow covers and curtains with simple leaf or
geometric outlines to even simple brush strokes.

Floor pillows are also a big trend this year, they can be easily enhanced with basic
geometric shapes. They can add additional colorful appeal and provide extra seating
areas when entertaining.

Tips: Setacolor paints are suitable for various techniques such as brush work, stencil
work, silkscreen printing, even sponges or stamps can be used for creative results.
They can be used pure or diluted with water to obtain unique watercolor effects.

Fabric paints by Pébéo are also available in fluorescent and in transparent formulas in
a variety of decorative colors. Fabric markers can also be used to add creative details
such as swirls, outlines and dots to text, letters or numbers.
Miy Decor Project: Painted Pillow Panache
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