Miy Mother's Day & Father's Day Gift Craft Creations
Need ideas for creative gifts to make for mom and dad for their special day.
Miy Special Holiday Creations
C r e a t i o n s  & I n s p i r a t i o n s
" t h e   S p i r i t    o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
Miy ~ Make-it-yourself Creations & inspirations, to celebrate special holidays all year round.
Miy Projects and inspirations to make and create for
Valentine, Easter, St-Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc...I invite you to unleash
your creativity and try miycreations projects
and hope they will inspire you in wonderful ways!  

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MIY Home Decor Projects
Miy Easter Craft Projects
Get cracking with these fun and kid friendly Easter Craft projects. They are ideal to make
with children at home or at school.
Valentine Heart
Shaped ice Luminaries
Easter Egg Shell
Mosaic Creations
Valentine Text-it
LUV Jars
Pretty Paper
Easter Eggs
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MIY Garden Projects

MIY Christmas Projects
St Patrick's
Shamrock Creations
Elegant Easter Eggs
Miy Valentine Romantic Craft Creations ~ Saying "I Love You" in creative ways
Miy Romantic Valentine Vases
Miy Romantic
Micro Beads Lamps
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Miy Groovy Easter Egg Creations
Miy Celo Retro Vases
Miy Striped Spring Vases
miy St-Patrick's Creations

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St Patrick's
Celtic Pots of gold
Miy Spring & St-Patrick's Creations
miycreations by maddylane  
make it yourself Eco-friendly creations & inspirations for the home & family ~ inspired by nature

~ Miy Father's Day Personalized
Gifts ~ Special Feature
Dad will surely be touched by these
special creations
miy St-Patrick's Creations
Miy Father's Day Gift Dish
Miy Fame Frames for Dad
Miy Mother's Day Gift ~ Textured
Miy Mother's Day Re-furbished Baskets

~ Miy Photo Clips ~
Make and give Mom a garden of memories ~ insert hand
made photo clips in her favorite flower presentation.
MIY Mother's Day ~ Spring Revival Vases
~ Made using recycled glass stream ware ~
*Children 8 and up can make these recycled creations.
Ideal to do as a class recycled art project. Teachers simply have
each child bring in various glass items of their choice. be used
Miy Mosaic Garden Balls
~ Made recycled toy plastic balls ~
*A miy creations project tweens and teens can make for mom.
Ideal to do as a class recycled art project. Teachers simply have
each child bring in various recycled plastic balls or round items.
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