Miy Recycled Bottle Craft
"Recycled Illuminations for Earth Day Celebrations"
Kids Plastic Bottle Lantern Green Craft Creations
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"

Miycreations Project article and photographs
by MaddyLane Designs

Miy Recycled Bottle Lantern Creations: “Recycled illuminations”
Celebrating Earth Day ~ April 22, 2020

Looking for a fun way to illuminate and celebrate Earth Hour.  Recycle plastic bottle
are transformed into colour lanterns.

Transforming recycled plastic bottles into fabulous lanterns, is an easy Eco-friendly
craft creation that can be made by children of all ages. It's a fun art project using
plastic bottles of various sizes with a few basic supplies. These illuminating colourful
lanterns can be made under one hour. Simple patterns are created with stickers or
painter's tape, sponges and adorned with decorative wire and beads. Let the
lantern parade begin!!! These green craft lanterns are perfect to
illuminate a patio or deck at home or at the cottage. A fun green craft to do with the
kids at anytime!

Hands-on time: Under 2 hours
Total time: paint dries to the touch in about one hour , take 24 hours for the paints
complete cure.
Skill: Easy, kid friendly projects, idea for day camps, vacation or the cottage
Cost estimate: Since mostly recycled products are use, pennies per lantern. Cost
depends on how many different paint colours you use.

Note: that the same projects can also be done using acrylic paints that you already
have or Vitrail paints (which is only recommend for older children since they are
solvent based). Vitrea 160 paint is non-toxic and water based therefore
paintbrushes are easy to clean. Vitrea paints are translucent and create a special
stainglass look.

Materials & tools:
-  Medium or large plastic bottles ~ pop or water bottles
- Vinegar and lint free cloth, paper towels  
- Painter’s tape in assorted widths, pencil and scissors    
- Scissors or craft knife (to be used by adults) to cut the top off the bottles.
- Marker (to make a cutting line to remove the top)
- Assorted self adhesive stickers, circles, stars, bugs
(office supply stores or dollar stores)
- Vitrea 160 glass paint (by Pébéo) water-based paints
-Sponge (a regular household sponge will do, you can also use a clean one that is
ready to be discarded)
- Paintbrush
- Paint tray (recycle an old plastic container)
- cup and water to clean the paintbrushes
- Colour wire, clippers or pliers, a hole punch
- beads in various sizes and colours (start with what you have)
- Cotton swabs (to clean any paint bleeding after removing tape or stickers)
- Faux votive or tea candles, the kind that glow and flicker like a candle (can be
purchased at dollars stores), actually the I recommend to use glow in the dark glow
stick (they are much safer to used and last for hours) I don't recommend using real
candles, they will melt the plastic if unattended)
- Sand (to place at the bottom of the lantern to secure the candles)

(Material are available at art and crafts supply stores)

Creating bottle lanterns is a great way to Recycle and Re-utilize plastic bottles into
new artistic and fun ways.

Clean the plastic bottles thoroughly to remove labels, and wipe dry. If the labels are
hard to remove soak the jars in warm water and soap for about half an hour. For
stubborn sticky residue on the jars, apply a little vinegar or rubbing alcohol and
wipe off with a paper towel.

Cover your work surface with newspaper and prepare your materials and bottles
items to be painted.

Make a line using a marker about 2 inches below the cap of the bottle, all around
the bottle neck. Use a craft knife or scissor to cut the top off.

Use a variety of assorted self adhesive stickers like circles, dots, bugs stars and so
on to create cool patterns by applying them to the clean surface of the bottles. You
can also opt to use  painter's tape in various widths and lengths to place vertically
or horizontally around the bottles to create very cool stripes.

Place some paint in a paint tray. Dip the paintbrush or sponge (sponges are easier
to use for younger children), dab it to remove excess paint and apply the paint all
around the jars over the sticker and tape. This is easy and fun for kids to do, plus
sponging on the paint will give the painted items a textured look. Once completed,
place the painted bottles upside-down onto a newspaper to let them dry,
approximately one hour.

After one hour and before the jars are completely dry, use the tip of a craft knife or
pin to help peel off the stickers and painter's tape. If some bleeding occurred along
the edges of some of the designs, it can be simply wiped off gently with a damp
cloth or cotton swabs. To remove any adhesive left by the stickers, use a cotton
swab and rubbing alcohol.

Clean the paint tray and sponges with easy soap and water clean-up. The children
can still go ahead and do the wire and bead handle after the bottles are dry to the
touch, which is about one hour.

Use a hole punch to make holes about half an inch from the top rim for the
decorative wire handles.

Cut a piece of decorative wire to desired lengths. Insert the wire at on end of the
rim handle into one of the holes and use pliers to loop and twist the wire to secure it
into place. Insert decorative beads as per desired. Making a loop at the end of the
wire, insert it into the second handle hole and twist to securely close and fasten the
Apply stickers or painters tape and paint.
© All Rights Reserved
Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted 2020
~by MaddyLane Designs~

More Miy Outdoor Recycled
Decor Creations Projects
Use a variety of assorted self adhesive
stickers like circles, dots, bugs stars
and so on to create cool patterns by
applying them to the clean surface of
the bottles.
Use a hole punch to make the holes for
the decorative wire handles..
Once the bottles are painted and almost
dry the sticker and tape are to be
Place some sand at
the bottom of the
decorated lanterns.
Adding sand will keep
the lanterns steady
and will keep them  
from blowing away on a
windy summer BBQ
dinners or evenings.
Insert faux- votives, or
a glow stick.

For safety I highly
recommend to  use
faux- votives or glow
sticks, their glow will
last for hours. Kids can
even bring the glow
sticks lanterns in their
tents or camps outs.

CAUTION: Candles
can make the plastic

For a super easy
entertaining idea and
centerpiece, group a
bunch of painted bottle
lantern in a cluster for
a spectacular glow
You can even combine
several different
colours of glow stick for
a colour feast for the

Have fun with your
creations, the
variations are endless..
Creative the decorative
handles with assorted various
beads of different colours and
sizes...use what you have.
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Miy Recycled Bottle Craft Creations

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of
Earth Day on April 22nd the Craft &
Hobby Association (CHA) is pleased to
introduce an eco-friendly, plastic bottle
craft as a way for people to get crafty
while saving the planet, one plastic
bottle at a time. CHA has partnered
with Maddylane, a Canadian designer
and photographer to provide the
tutorial on how to transform plastic
beverage bottles into handcrafted

I'm honored that the CHA has chosen
Miy Recycled Bottle Craft to celebrate
Earth day.
Thank you for this recognition ~
Click on CHA to view the Press Release
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Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted
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