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Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  MaddyLane (Madeleine M Langlois)

MIY Eco-Friendly Garden Decor: Re-cycled & Re-vamped
“Bee-utiful Baskets” with Eco Buzz”,

Don’t just throw out old under the weather looking flower baskets. Recycle them by
reviving them colour and style. Make them look even better than new by using latex
paints for plastics. The paint’s special formula creates a spectacular weather-resistant
finish. The best way to apply paint to wicker baskets and items (aside from spray
painting them) is to use a sponge brush. Unlike a standard paintbrush, a sponge brush
can get the paint into all the nooks and grooves evenly buy just squeezing the brush
over theses areas.. The colourful baskets are embellished with a bejewelled collars and
bead-and-wire bugs, bees and dragonflies to beautify them.

Hands-on time: Afternoon project.
Total time: Plus drying time for the paint
Skill: easy
Project cost: Under $20.00 for the supplies

Materials & tools:
•        wicker baskets in assorted sizes
•        latex paint for plastic (Sun Dried Tomato)
•        Sponge brush
•        Wire in assorted colours, 22-26 gauge
•        Assorted decorative beads (see below for more details)
•        Assorted charms
•        Wire cutters and pliers
•        A screw, nail or pencil
•        Plastic container, potting soil and assorted flowers

(Materials for this project are available at craft and hardware stores).

There are several brands of latex paints that can be used directly onto plastic items. I
prefer the brush-on paint formats over spray paints. Paints for plastics can be used on
furniture, assorted garden accessories, various crafts and I especially like the easy
water clean up after.

Make sure the baskets are clean, free of dust, dirt and greasy residues before painting

Apply two coats of latex paint for plastic onto the clean baskets, letting them dry
between each coat. Latex paint dries in about 15 minutes and no top coat is needed.
Wait a few hours before decorating the baskets to allow curing time.

To make the 7 dragonflies: Each dragonfly is made with one small wooden round bead,
three to four wooden ribbed barrel-shaped beads, 40 cm long wire for the wings, and
25 cm long wire for the body. Fold the short wire in half, thread a barrel bead at the
centre of the wire, bring the two wires together then thread the remaining beads and
head (use different colours for the head). Loop the ends of the wire through the head
hole to secure it, curl the wire ends to create the antennae. Make the wings in a large
figure-8 shape, twist the wires together in the centre and twist them again to attach
them to the body. I used combinations of yellow, red and orange beads and coloured
wires, alternating the colours for each new creature.

To make the 8 bumble bees: Cut a 25 cm length of gold wire to make the wings, wrap
the length around two fingers to create a figure-8 shape, secure the wings together
with one end of the wire and use the other end to secure the wings to the bee’s body
made with a small round golden glass bead for the head and a ribbed barrel-shaped
iridescent bead for the body.

Bejewelled basket collars: Cut a length of wire 5 cm longer than the circumference of
the basket’s rim. Make several corkscrews by wrapping a 25 cm long wire around a
screw, nail or pencil. Thread assorted beads, corkscrews and charms onto the collar
wire. Make a small hook at each end. Wrap the bejewelled wire tightly around the
basket’s rim (or handle), then hook the two ends together.

Once your beaded critters are completed, secure them to the baskets with short wire

In plastic containers that fit nicely inside the wicker baskets, add your potting soil and
flowers, and then place into the baskets. Blooming baskets groupings in assorted sizes
will make quite a welcoming impact on a front porch, steps, deck or bench.

•  Latex paints for plastic can be applied to ceramic, glass, hard vinyl, metal, paper,
papier-maché, wicker furniture, plaster, and wood. With so many wonderful colours
available, the possibilities are endless.

• Don’t discard weathered watering cans, patio furniture or other outdoor items,
including children’s play sets. Simply revive them with a new coat of latex paint for
plastic. Add lettering and stencil designs for extra panache. I even revamped my metal
patio lanterns with the Graphite Fusion colour.
Don’t just throw out old
under the weather
looking flower baskets.
Recycle them by reviving
them colour and style.
Make them look even
better than new by using
latex paints for plastics.
•  Fill your newly
created eco deco
bejeweled basket
with gardening
goodies or blooms
for Mom, a perfect
Mother's Day gift
that she is sure to

Give Mom the gift
of Soul inspirations
Old watering jugs
can also be
revamped with style
using latex paints for
plastic. You can
even embellish them
with stenciled
designs and text.
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