Miycreations Project, article and photographs
by  Maddylane

Miy Easter project; Elegant Easter Eggs with Style
Using a few basic supplies with a featured paintbrush and translucent glass paints you
can create these gorgeous multi-coloured Easter Eggs and treasure them for years to
come. You can also use whatever paint you have in your home. Happy creations!

Att: Parents and educators this is an egg-cellent Easter projects to do with children of
all ages, even via a virtual classroom.

Hands-on time: Under one hour.
Total time: Paint air-dries in three to 12 hours.
Skill: Easy, Easy and child-friendly
(non-toxic water based paints)
Cost estimate: Less than $15 for the supplies (enough to decorate several dozen
eggs and other projects).

Materials & tools:

• Six eggs (wooden, hard Styrofoam, papier mache, or hardboiled eggs…simply use
what you prefer)
• Porcelaine 150 by Pébeo (I used a combination of various, blues, pinks and purples).
You can also use whatever paints you already have at home.
• Paint tray
• Blotter paper
• Egg holders (or use the base of tea-lights or an egg carton)
• Paintbrush, flat feathered rake comb tip, 6mm to 13mm (Royal Soft-Grip No. SG 930)
•  A container of water (to clean the paintbrush between each colour application)
•  Paper towels
•  Feathers, decorative pebbles, shredded paper and short clear glass vases

(materials are available at arts, crafts stores)

The secret to achieving the feathered finish is in the paintbrush and type of paint
used. It's easy to create a basket weave design using the irregular bristles of a
feathered flat brush. The Porcelaine paints are available in assorted bright colours
which will provide a high-gloss finish.

To start the textured finish, put assorted paint colours in a tray. Have a container of
water and some paper towels at hand to clean the brush between each colour

Apply a base coat of the colour of  your choice if  you want a different background
and let the eggs dry on egg holders. You can also use the metal base of tea-light
candles or an egg carton (turned upside down).

Dip the brush into one colour and remove excess paint on blotter paper. Apply light,
short strokes randomly around the surface of the egg. Clean the brush and apply a
second colour using strokes going in the opposite direction. Overlap each additional
colour, alternating the direction of the brush strokes. Once the eggs are completed,
set them aside to air dry for three to 12 hours. Since the paints have a glossy finish,
there is no need to apply a varnish topcoat. (and since these are only decorations,
you do not need to bake this heat set paints. Simply let them air dry)

Display your eggs in a cheerful arrangement. Line the bottom of glass vases with
decorative pebbles, add a layer of shredded coloured paper and top off with a few
eggs and a couple of feathers. Ideal to decorate a mantel or as a centerpiece.

•  Inserting a small stick or twig into Styrofoam eggs
will make it easier to paint them. Once the eggs
are painted, you can place the sticks in a square
Styrofoam base to let them dry.

•  To give your eggs glam appeal, apply a topcoat
shimmering or glitter paint. Easter eggs can also be
marbled, striped, sponged, speckled, pearlized and
crackled. They can be adorned with embellishments
that you have around your home, such as sequins,
ribbons, lace remnants, sparkles, seed beads and
even buttons.
•    An idea for place settings: Using the paint directly from the nozzle-tip applicator,
write a personal message or a person's name on the painted eggs. Once dry, place
an egg in a small nest made of shredded paper or in an egg cup for each dinner
Miy Elegant Easter Egg Creations
C r e a t i o n s  & I n s p i r a t i o n s
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
You can create simple and yet
so elegant displays for the
mantel or as a centerpiece. Add
a few feathers for extra style.
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