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Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Maddylane

Colourwash Kitchen Chairs: Faux-Finish for a Fresh Look!
“Old kitchen chairs can be given a new urban-country look with a colourwash

Hands-on time: three hours per chair.
Total time: 6 hours of drying time
Skill: Moderate.
Cost estimate: $18.00 (cost of chairs not included, they can vary)

Materials & tools:

Kitchens chair, slightly weathered (or use unfinished wooden chairs)

Sandpaper or a sanding block and a tack cloth

Painter’s tape

Acrylic primer paint by PBO Deco

2 Acrylic paint colours
(Cream Couleurs by PBO Deco)

Measuring spoons and water

Small pieces of wood to test the colours on

A Soft cloth

Stencil paintbrush

Spray or brush-on matt varnish finish

clear gloss protective finish by PBO Deco

Foam brush

(available at arts and crafts supply stores)

Spring Colour revival. Old kitchen chairs can become beautiful urban-country pieces, simply
by giving them a colourwash finish. It’s an effective way to give plain or weathered chairs and
various decorative items a fresh and updated look.

Colourwashing is a faux-finish technique and colourwash is a water-based paint- similar to
stain - that is translucent overcoat effect, called a glaze. The technique has been primarily
used for walls and floors, but Faux-finishes, paints and glazes are now a popular choice to
revamp furniture of many styles. A glaze colourwash finish
allows the base color of these kitchen chairs and the natural
wood grain of the seat area to be to be seen.

Lightly sand the surface finish on the chairs to achieve a smooth
finish. Wipe the surface off with a tack cloth. The chairs do not need to be stripped for this
project (optional depending of the state the chairs are in or how many coats they already
have on).

The base coat will only be applied to the backrest and the legs of
the chairs; the seats will remain natural. Apply painter’s tape on
the seat around the spokes of the back rest to avoid getting paint
on the seat area.
Paint the two chairs with the same base coat colour, including the underside, and let them dry
for two hours.
(I used a corn straw colour over previously blue painted chairs).

Paint two to three small pieces of wood with the same base colour and allow them to dry.

Apply the glaze to create the colourwash look to the chair legs with an 2.5 centimetre stiff
brush or a stencil type of brush using long, even downward strokes and side strokes for the
horizontal bars. You can use a clean, dry brush to go over the just- applied colourwash to add
more streaks again. Working in the same direction with long, even strokes. Keep a clean cloth
nearby and wipe the brush occasionally to avoid any paint buildup and blotting.

Repeat the same steps to colourwash the top part of the chairs. Remove the painter’s tape
from the seat of the chairs. Apply the colourwash to the seat area and allow the colour to set
for a few seconds then wipe some off with a clean cloth. Repeat the same steps for each
chair. Allow the chairs to dry for two hours.

Apply two to tree coats of water based varnish topcoat, letting it dry between each coat. Let
the chairs set overnight to 48 hours before regular use. I applied three coats of varnish
because these chairs are in a busy traffic area of the kitchen and I have a young son who still
spills things. Your whole family will love the colourful and stunning results.

Variations:  For a teenage girl’s bedroom, a chair with a pink base coat will look hot with a
purple colourwash tint; for a chic style, try painting a black chair with a silver colourwash
topcoat; for a tropical look try a turquoise colourwash on a chair that has been painted a
bright orange.

For even more amazing results try to colourwash unfinished wood items such as picture
frames, baskets and boxes. Even with two colorwash applications the wood grain will still be
visible and add a certain charm to any furniture piece.

Tips:  Glaze paints can be applied with brushes, sponges, stippling brushes and can even be
used for making splatter patterns on walls or furniture. Several colors can be applied over
each other creating a colour layering effect. Antique finishes can be applied over the
colorwash finish prior to applying the varnish top coat.
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