miycreations is make-it-yourself creations & inspirations by maddylane
miycreations by maddylane  
make it yourself eco creations & inspirations for the home & family ~ inspired by nature

Come Explore .... discover, get inspired, get creative.... making things ~ Naturally Simple

Looking for a fun ways to keep your children and teens busy
during these isolation times. Easy to make crafts and
decorations for your home using basic supplies you have
around your home. Enjoy your time together by doing fun
things which are great to keep spirits up.
Being creative relaxes and inspires.
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Easy crafts to do with the kids.
“Bee-utiful f
lower baskets” with Eco Buzz”.
Don’t just throw out old under the weather looking flower baskets.
Recycle them by reviving them colour and style

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Miy up-cycling garden baskets
& water cans