Chocolate and Mint, Paris Chic Photo Frames
Re-cycle, Re-Vamp, to Re-invent with Chic
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"

Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  MaddyLane (Madeleine M Langlois)

Re-cycled old frames into Chic Creations
to treasure your travel photos

Hands-on time: Less then 2 hours
Total time: Plus 45 minutes drying time for acrylic
paint and four hours for varnish
Skill: Moderate
Project cost: Under $10.00 for the supplies

Materials & tools:

•  Round frame
•  Sandpaper and tack cloth
•  Silver acrylic paint
•  Paint tray and brushes
•  Semigloss varnish
•  Cardboard
•  Scissors
•  Pencil
•  Fabric remnants
•  3M Super 77 spray adhesive
•  Travel photos of your choice
•  Photo laminating sheets by Scotch
•  Chenille fringe
•  Glue gun and glue sticks
•  Brown satin ribbon

(Materials for this project are available at craft and hardware stores).

Make-your-own photo Paris Shabby Chic picture frames using fabric remnants
and novelty trim. Create French chic frames using your travel photos. Use old
picture frames from a garage sale or the attic with no glass inserts as the
pictures will be protected with laminate. Odd-shaped frames can be decorated
with fabric remnants in shades of aqua and brown with silver accents.

Take the frame apart. Lightly clean it and sand if necessary, then wipe with a
tack cloth. Paint the frame using silver acrylic paint and let it dry, about 45
minutes. Apply varnish and let it dry for two to four hours.

Cut cardboard to fit frame but not too snug as it will be covered by fabric.
Place the cardboard on fabric and cut fabric to size.

Spray adhesive on the cardboard and on the wrong side of the fabric. Press
fabric piece onto the cardboard, smoothing any air bubbles.

Print photos in the size needed. Place clear side of photo-laminating sheet on
a flat surface and lift up the backing sheet. Place the photo face down on the
photo sheet and centre it. Bend the top sheet backing slightly to peel and
separate the backing part. Roll it evenly across the back of the photo while
applying slight pressure. Smooth to seal edges. Cut or trim the laminated
photo to desired size. I cut it in a circle to match the style of the frame.

Apply spray adhesive to the back of the laminated photo, centre it on the
fabric and press it into place.

Measure around the picture and cut fringe or trim just a little bit longer to
overlap the ends. Attach trim around picture using a hot glue gun.
Place the fabric-covered photo in the frame. You may need a bit of double-
sided tape or hot glue to keep it in place depending on the style of frame. Tie
satin ribbon in a bow and place at the top of the frame.

For visual impact, use different sizes of frames and display them in groupings
in a nook, hallway, powder room or foyer.

•  Use beaded trim, novelty paper or wallpaper remnants in vibrant tones
instead of fabric.
•  For a child's bedroom, use bright fabrics in various patterns and paint the
frames in bold colours.
Circles, ovals to Odd-
shaped frames can be
decorated with fabric
remnants in shades of
aqua and brown with
silver create
super Chic Wall art to
treasure your travel
photos. Use themes and
colours to coordinate with
the style of your captures.
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Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted
~by MaddyLane Designs~
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Velour novelty trimmings
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Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted
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