“Get cracking and recycle eggshells into mosaic marvels”.

Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Maddylane

Miy Easter project; Egg Shell Confetti Bowl

After Easter, don’t throw away your died Easter egg shells. Here’s a creative way to
reuse and recycle your Easter eggshells to make and create colorful confetti mosaic
style decorations. Make a snazzy impact by transforming plain glass bowls, plates or
vases into interesting decorative pieces. Get cracking with a just a few eggshells and
basic mediums such as clear glass paint or standard white glue. This is a fun project
to do with the kids, an ideal project for teachers to do with groups of children in a

Hands-on time: about 2 hours for a glass bowl (and 45 minutes for a small frame).
Total time: depending on the medium used, add drying time.
Skill: Easy. Children, teacher & classroom friendly...super easy!
Cost estimate: about $2 of material per project.
(cost of the bowl not included, can vary)

Materials & tools:
- Newspapers
- Eggshells, dyed or natural
- Ice-cube or muffin tray
- A glass bowl, vase, or plate.
- A flat paint brush
- Glass paint like Gallery Glass paint in clear or Rainbow paint in Raindrop.
(Mod-Podge medium, white glue or any wall repair compound like Redi-patch by
Elmer’s can also be used.)

*For this project any of these mediums can be used to apply eggshells to a surface.
Use what you have on hand. All mentioned mediums are available at craft stores.
- X-acto knife, and varnish (optional)

(materials are available at arts, crafts stores)

Cover your work area with newspapers. Make sure the eggshells are rinsed and
completely dried. Depending on how many colors you want your project to include,
separate each eggshell color in sections of an ice-cube or muffin tray.

You can either pre-crack the eggshells in desired sizes with your fingers, or place
bigger eggshell pieces directly onto your project and crack them as you press them
firmly into place.

With a paintbrush apply clear glass paint medium (or other medium of your choice
mentioned in the tolls) to the exterior of the glass project, working on one section at a
time. Place eggshell pieces onto the medium in a specific pattern (or randomly) using
assorted colors by pressing them firmly into place. It truly is like making a mosaic
creation. If your pieces are tiny you can use an X-acto knife to move them into place.
Repeat until the whole project is covered. Wait two hours than with your palms go
over your project and press over the entire item surface, securing all pieces. Doing
this step will also let the air out from under some of the eggshell pieces to avoid

The glass medium requires at lease 24 hours for drying. Let it stand until completely
dry. No varnish is required if you used a glass paint medium, if you used white glue or
Mod-Podge you can add a varnish top coat if desired.

Cleaning, simply wipe with a damp cloth occasionally. Do not put in the dishwasher.
These are decorative yet useable items.

Tips: You can use standard food coloring, or colored tissue paper to dye the
eggshells. Painted, waxed or marbleized eggshells can also be used to create unique
eggshell mosaics.

Variations:  To create eggshell mosaic frames,
(on a pre-painted wooden frame) simply apply
Mod-podge or any medium of your choice.
Once dry. you can apply an antiquing medium
or colored glaze with a cloth (wipe it on, and
wipe it off) to give the frame an extra aged look.
For an interesting vibrant look, simply sponge on
assorted colors of acrylic paints. Once dry, apply
varnish top coat. Exceptional frames to put pictures
you will capture over the holiday week-end.

These multi-colored frames and other eggshell mosaic projects such as lampshades,
mirror borders and boxes make great décor accents for children’s bedrooms.

Children can create mosaic works of art directly onto colored construction paper
using white glue to make flowers, animals or geometric collages with recycle
eggshells. They can even combine colored pieces of tissue paper left-over from their
Easter projects.
Miy Easter Project: Egg Shell Confetti Bowl Craft
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