With a sharp knife trim the brownish ends of the fiddleheads, or use your fingers to
simply snap the ends off. Rinse and wash the fiddleheads in cold water, briskly
swishing the them about in a strainer.

Soak the fiddleheads in cool water for about an hour. This makes them real tender and
removes some of the bitterness. Add the fiddleheads to a pot of boiling water and
simmer until just tender (for 12 to15 minutes).

Drain and serve with a dash of sea salt, a quarter of a teaspoon with minced garlic, a
bit of butter, season with pepper to taste. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

You can also opt to top them off with a cheese or hollandaise sauce, excellent when
served with fish or poultry, it’s absolutely scrumptious! They can be BBQ in foil and
served with a succulent steak. Fiddleheads are also delicious served cold in a salad
with a seasonal vinaigrette. They are also most exquisite as pasta toppings. The
fiddleheads season is very short so get them while you can.

Fiddleheads makes an savory side dish with lobster, its the season for that too.
Lobsters are at real great prices this year for less people are buying them do to the
economy, but worth the treat for it also supports our Canadian fishermen, bon appétit!

Often the bigger supermarkets don’t sell these, for they really are a delicacy. The best
place to get these little sensations are at smaller farmer market types of places where
they sell local produces. Hope you can find them in your area.

Savory Spring
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