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by  Madeleine M Langlois

Father's Day Project: Fame Frame For Dad

Sleek Granite-Style Frames

Transform plain wooden (or plastic) frames into eye-catching upscale decorative showpieces to
honor dad. The frames are embellished with clay ornaments personalized by your children. The
sleek granite like frames make wonderful gifts for displaying your child’s art or with pictures
taken with dad. This project is also great to recycle and revamp older picture frames with you
are no longer using!

Hands-on time: Under two hours.
Total time: Plus drying time for the paints and clay.
Skill: Easy, children over 6 can easily do this project with supervision
Project cost: Under $20.00 for the supplies.

Materials & Tools
•  3 flat-faced unpainted wooden picture frames, assorted sizes new or revamp old ones
•  Sanding block and tack cloth
•  No bake clay, white
•  A rolling pin or clay roller and dull knife and clay tools
•  Golf ball or other object to make impressions into the clay
•  Textured sand effect acrylic paint, or granite textured paints(available at arts and craft supply
stores, or use paints you already have)
•  Paint brushes
•  High Gloss or Shimmer acrylic top coat varnish ~ optional
•  Clear silicone glue
•  A drawing of dad made by your child or photos with dad sharing a special moment

(Materials for this project are available at arts, crafts and hardware stores.)

Sand textured effect paint medium are available by various Brand name companies. They are a
fabulous way to jazz up plain item with texture. Sand textures  can be applied to assorted
surfaces such as wood, metal, cardboard and ceramic. C
ombining sand textured paint and
toped of with shimmering glossy topcoat
creates a unique custom picture frame gifts for Father’
s Day.  The frames are then embellished with clay accents made with golf dimple impressions to
personalize the frame for dad. The completed frames are wonderful for displaying your child’s
art as well as pictures taken with dad. For added impact, group several frames in assorted
sizes and styles.

To prepare the wooden picture frames, take the frames apart, sand the entire surface and then
use a tack cloth to wipe off the dust. Clean the glass pane inserts and set them aside.

On a flat work surface, apply base coat of acrylic paint, let it dry for 30 – 40 minutes. Apply a
coat of sand textured paint, some you may have to mix a mixture of 50 percent sand textured
medium and acrylic paint in your choice of colour. You can also use less or more, its as you
like. Apply the now coloured sand paint medium over the base coat of the frames. Let dry
overnight prior to applying the top coat.

Apply a coat of acrylic varnish in high gloss or with shimmer effect, and let it dry, approximately
two hours.

With clean hands, knead clay until it is soft and smooth. Flatten the clay with a rolling pin onto a
clean surface (a plastic placemat works well). Cut clay into strips to the size needed using a dull
knife. Have your child make a golf ball dimple impression by pressing the ball over the clay
strips. Mould clay into other shapes to correspond with dad’s hobbies (e.g., mini golf balls) and
add texture with clay tools. Set aside to dry for 10 to 12 hours.

Paint the clay accents as desired, or leave them natural. Apply clear silicone adhesive to the
back of the clay pieces, and then gently press into place around the frame border. Let cure for
6 hours.

Put the clean glass panes back into the frames, and add your child’s drawing or pictures with

Variations: These sleek granite-style frames are also just the thing for graduation pictures.

The same sand textured techniques as above can be used on pencil containers, wooden office
boxes and cardholders for the home or office.
Miy Father's Day Gift Project
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