A very easy and quick way to cook super tasty vegetables this summer is to make veggie
Take veggies of your choice, clean and chop them. Prepare foil sheets, one pocket per
person. Place you assorted vegetable, carrots, small potatoes, onions at the center of the
foil sheets. Season to your liking, a dash of sea salt, pepper, garlic and celery salt.
Fold the pockets, at the center and then the sides. Add a few drops of water prior to closing
the second side flap. Place on a plate and your ready to BBQ. BBQ time on an average 15 to
20 minutes. Check them to see if they are tender, and they are ready to serve. No pots and
pan clean up! It’s a great way to make vegetables to take to a BBQ, the beach or picnic.
Variations, add red pepper slices, zucchinis,  sweet potatoes. You can go wrong with this
easy way to prepare veggie. That’s what I do all summer long!
I always make a couple extra veggie pockets, just in case the native are hungry and for
leftovers to add to a salad the next day. Bonne appétit!

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BBQ Veggie Pockets
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Rocking Outdoor Dinning Decor.......
Outdoor dinning that will simply rock your guests"
Sometimes simple and easy ideas are all that is needed to transform everyday place settings. into
sensational seasonal outdoor dinning decor. Let a few added touches of nature make your outdoor
entertaining decor truly rock! Text, words, sayings, quotes are everywhere and on everything these
days. Why not creatively incorporate them into your outdoor dinning decor. Motivational words, such
as happiness, joy, love, or enjoy are inscribed onto rocks using multi-purpose paints.

The decorated rocks also keep the napkins and tablecloth from blowing away on windy days. Day
lillies make fabulous place setting decorations.
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Veggie pockets are shown here served with summer sausages and corn on the cob as
a side dishes. A quick and easy summer meal in minutes.
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Summer outdoor dinning made very tasty
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