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Personalize your space with a Fresh Look ~  Miy Photo Pillows
Dressing Up Your Pillows for a New Season

Each season, nature offers a spectrum of colorful inspirations. Why not incorporate the
changing of the colors and of the season into your décor details. In this project, images of
rich earth tone botanicals and foliage are transferred (ironed-on) onto fabric remnants to
create stylish décor accents for fall. Liven up your throw pillows and welcome a new color
palette into your home by whipping up custom-made pretty pillow cuffs in an hour or less.
The cuffs slip right over throw pillows for a quick seasonal switch to enhance a cozy

Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Madeleine M Langlois (Maddylane Designs)

Miy project; MIY Photo Pillow Creations

Skill: Moderate (basic sewing skills required).
Hands-on time: About one hour per pillow.

Materials & tools:
•Computer, printer, sewing machine
•Throw pillows, approximately 14 inches x 14 inches (use throw pillows from around your
home, living room, sitting room, or bedrooms)
•Fabric remnants: a light color for the photo-transfer center panel, and other colors and
patterns for the pillow cuff band. (I used a light taffeta with large square patterns in
assorted shades of green.)
•Ruler, measuring tape
•Digital images of nature, or your choice of theme. Choose colors to co-ordinate with your
throw pillows
•Photo transfer iron-on paper sheets that work with your printer (available at office-supply
and art-and-craft stores)
•An iron and flat, heat-resistant surface, like a melamine counter
•Straight pins
•Thread (to match the fabrics)

Materials are available at arts and crafts stores or online.

Miy INSTRUCTIONS: Preparing the image: Check the transfer paper packaging to make
sure it is suited to your printer type. Scan, download or use a digital image of your choice,
and enlarge it if needed. Reverse it in order to print the mirror image, leaving a 2 inch
white border on each side. Make printouts of your images on the photo transfer paper
(two or more, depending on how many pillow cuffs you want to make). Cut the images out
around the border.

Prepare the fabric by machine or hand-washing it. Do not use bleach or softener, then
machine or line-dry according to fabric type. Iron to remove wrinkles.

Cut a square or rectangle panel (or several) in the size needed for the center panel using
the light-colored fabric, leaving a ¾ inch hem.

Transferring the image: Work on a hard, smooth, heat-resistant surface such as a
melamine counter or a heat-safe table top. Preheat the iron on the highest setting. Do
not use steam. Press the fabric surface to warm it up. Position the transfer image paper
face down across the center area of the fabric panel. Use pressure to iron the transfer for
a few minutes, until it adheres to the fabric. Remove from the pressing area and let the
transfer cool completely. Peel off the backing paper. Place fabric with the image face
down on ironing surface, and iron down the hem. (Fusion tape can also be used.)

For photo downloads by Maddylane visit my photo store

Measure the fabric piece for the cuff band (the panel that attaches to the center panel
and goes around the pillow) to be the same width as the center image panel, then double
the measurement and add 5/8 inch for the seam. Measure around pillow to determine the
length needed for the cuff band and add 5/8 inch for the seam. Cut the fabric to the
necessary dimensions. Fold the fabric in half length-wise with the right side facing in and
iron to make a seam line down the center. Reverse the fabric and pin the hems together.
With a sewing machine, use a straight stitch to sew along hem (the right sides facing
together). Turn over and press the seam.

Pin the image center panel to the ends of the fabric band and sew. Clip the corners, turn
right side out. Taking care not to iron on the image, press the seams. Slip the decorative
cuffs over the pillows. Display in groups or alone for a serene seasonal scene.

MIY Variations; •Complete a décor theme for a child's bedroom by adding images to the
curtains, pillowcases, sheets or fabric chair covers. To transfer images onto dark fabrics,
use iron-on transfer paper labeled for use on dark fabrics.

MIY Tips:
•Quick seasonal switch: Celebrate the changing of the seasons with colors; cool colors
for summer and warmer tones for the winter. Simplicity is the key when it comes to
changing décor details for a new season. Basic items such as throws, pillows, blankets,
reversible duvets, lampshades, and even candles, floral displays to art work can be
changed to create an inviting ambiance for each new season.
Miy Decor Project: Miy Photo Pillow Creation
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