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by MaddyLane

Spring Revival Vases: Recycled to Redefined ~ Miy Eco Creations for Mother's Day.
Making the most with what you already have. Transform old stemware that you are not using into beautiful bud
vases. Add stylish stain glass stripes to recycled them into a class act!makes a stylish gift to make and to give to
Mom for Mother's day.

Hands-on time: Under 1 hour.
Total time: Add drying and curing time for the Vitrail paint, they dry to the touch in a few hours, they need to air
dry for 48 hour to fully cure.
Skill: Easy
Cost estimate: Under $10.00 (cost of glasses are not included - total cost can vary depending on how many
paint colors are using)

Materials & tools:
4 wine or spirit glasses that you are no longer using, not too big ( in a shape and size that would look nice to use
as bud vases)

Rubbing alcohol and lint-free cloth

Flexible measuring tape

Vitrail lead adhesive strips (silver) by Pébéo


Vitrea 160 transparent glass paint by Pébéo
(I used turquoise 12 and green 14 )

2 soft-fibre paintbrushes, about 2.5 cm wide

Paper towels and cotton swabs

4 fresh daisies, 2 pussy willow twigs and some rope (or raffia)

(Materials for this project are available at arts, crafts and the above-mentioned stores.)

Do you have some stemware collecting dust? Take a creative approach to recycling unused glassware. Revamp
your stemware to create a colourful bud vase arrangement by adding just a few stylish modifications, stain glass
look with Vitrail transparent glass paints and self-adhesive lead strips for a chic detail. Once completed simply
add fresh flower in each vase and neatly arrange them in a row to display on a mantel or for centerpiece. They
make a great gift idea to make and to give to mom for mothers day, or any day. Moms love flowers all year round.

Thoroughly wash the glasses, rinse and wipe dry. Rub each glass with rubbing alcohol using a lint-free cloth to
degrease and prepare the surface for painting.

Apply the Vitrea paint colours between the painters tape strips. To make the task simple, use one paintbrush for
each colour. Dip the tip of a soft paintbrush in the paint and apply to the glass surface using long strokes, going
in one direction around the glass. The thicker you apply the paint in a spreading motion rather then painting
back an forth, the colours will be more uniform, less steaks. Not too thick you don't want the paint colours to
dribble. Start with the top band, and then paint the bottom band.

Once completed, let your project stand for a few minutes, then remove the painter's tape. Let it dry completely
for 24 hours. Vitrea paints are water-based, the paint colours will dry to the touch in one hour, easy paintbrush
clean up.  Note if you are simply going to use these revamped beauties as bud vases and decorations you don't
need to heat set them. If you also want to use them as drinking glass then they should be heat set in order for
the colours to be permanent.

To heat set your glass creations, place the glasses in a cook oven and bake according to the paint directions (at
325 degrees F/160 C for 40 minutes). Using oven mitts, remove it from the oven and set it aside to cool.

Measure the circumference of the glasses and cut lead strips of the same size with scissors. (I used three strips
per glass.) Peel the paper backing off one lead strip at a time, and apply it directly to the outside of the glasses
where the tape bands where. The self-adhesive lead strips can be gently peeled and replaced if needed, but not
too many times, it will pucker. Do not stretch or twist the lead strips. For a clean finish, the lead strip ends should
meet, but not overlap. Clip the ends as needed for a neat joint. Leave the same spacing between each strip.
Press to secure the strips onto the glass using the pointed stick enclosed in the lead strip packaging, or use the
tip of a letter opener. Repeat steps to apply the remaining strips.

Cut the daisies so that they are all the same length. Place one fresh daisy in each vase, and then arrange the
vases on a mantel. For an uplifting twist, tie the ends of two pussy willow twigs together with rope and place
across the top of the vases. The transparency of the colorful stripe presentation will glow in the sun.

Variations: The lead strips can also be applied as vertical stripes or assorted simple geometric shapes. For a
contemporary look, use tall, slender cylindrical glasses. Glass vases, bowls, trays and planters can also be
fashioned in the same way to create an ensemble.

*Please note: If you want to use the glasses to drink out of them, I recommend that you use Vitrea by Pébéo
160. A water base paint made especially to use on glassware or dishes. They are non-toxic and once heat set in
the oven the colors are permanent, consumption safe, dishwasher safe, and the paint will not chip, crack or peel
off. For items that are just for decorations, if you want you can also opt to use Vitrail paints by Pébéo.
MIY Spring Revival Vases
C r e a t i o n s  & I n s p i r a t i o n s
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
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