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Summer Home & Garden
Decor Inspirations
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Miy Rainbow Garden FUNiture ~
Revamped with Spirited Colours
Beach treasures to decorate with...
Summer Flower Arrangements... simply magnificent.
A single Waterlily is a large glass presentation, seashell ball with large glass rocks, tiny pebbles in
a coconut with pebbles and moss, mini cabages with glass pebbles.
Whimsical & Welcoming...for your garden Oasis
For a rocking garden... Make your own Inuksuk
Celebrating summer...with Sizzling Hot Hues
Pink and orange combinations are Hot color trends this summer season. As a designer I must
admit that most colours are in at all times, some simply shine more in the element of their
season. For instance when we think of summer, we think of hot colours, like reds, orange and
earth tones inspired by nature. Summer is also cool crisps blues, whites and light pastels
Photos report by MaddyLane, Hudson Quebec, Canada

~  Summer Home & Garden Decor Inspirations  ~

Decorating with natures elements is the key to a fresh and simple home and garden summer decor.
The Summer heat reflects a laid-back style with nothing too fussy...just keep it simple with these  
Inspirational summer home and garden decor creations you can make easily yourself.
Photos series taken around Hudson, Quebec and my home
At the home or at the cottage, decorating with seashells is really easy for an Easy-Breezy
summer cool decor! Collect seashells during your summer vacations or around your local
beach, place them in various bowls and plates around your home.
Seashell by the seashore decor...
Many treasures worth decorating with can be found on beaches, such as seaglass pieces,
rocks and various shapes and sizes of seashells. I like to combine beach rocks and seashells
in various simple displays around my home, for that summer feeling all year round.
An inuksuk is a stone landmark or cairn built by humans, used by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit,
Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America. Now days, made even more
popular with the Canadian winter Olympics, these delightful stone structures make wonderful
garden décor in all shapes and sizes. They are sure to add a certain Zen flair in any garden
space. Make you own inuksuk garden decor, get the whole family involved, it will make it even
more special.
These are some of my favorite garden decor selections seen around Hudson this summer. A
simple horse shoe on a fence, a bird cage with flowers, Budda statues tucked away in a
special garden space,  pink and orange flower for a colour punch, fresh flowers in collectables
on a ladder, a welcoming inuksuk, birdbath with flowers, flowers in an old watering can, a
painted garden chair in the shade.

“Upcycled plain picture frames with a stained-
glass look  to make a modern address sign”

“Upcycled old placemats with a fun Retro look"

Upcycled Painted Napkins
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