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Miycreations Project creation, article and photographs
by  Maddylane

Miy Garden Creation: miy Mosaic Outdoor Flower Bud Vase
“Finders, keepers: Look in 'as is' section for treasures”

Hands-on time:
Under two hours.
Total time: Plus drying time for the granular paste and paint glazes to dry and cure, 48
Skill: Moderate.
Project cost: Under $25.00 for the supplies (not including the cabinet door, which was
purchased in the “As Is” section of Ikea for $2.00).

Materials & tools:

•  Polished melamine cabinet door, with a grooved centre panel
•  Sanding block and tack cloth
•  Mounting hooks and appropriate tools
•  Electric drill with a 1/16” diameter bit
•  Two screws the same size of the drilled holes
•  Painter’s tape
•  Granular stone-like textured paste 650g.
•  Spatula (3 to 5 cm wide)
•  Mosaic glass pieces in assorted colours
•  A clean damp cloth
•  4 acrylic paint colours for outdoor creations (I used a light terra-cotta for the base,
moss green, aqua and white to achieve a verdigris finish)
•  Glaze medium
•  Paint tray and stir sticks
•  A couple of sea sponges
•  Exterior varnish
•  A glass cylinder-shaped vase (available at garden centres, florists, and gift shops)
•  35 cm of 20 gauge silver wire and pliers

(Materials for this project are available at arts, crafts, and hardware stores.)

One of my favourite places to go shopping for interesting items and finds is in the “As
Is” or discounted section of home furnishing stores. They are great places for unique
findings that you can transform into something else. The basic cupboard door I used for
this project is such a find. I filled the centre panel with granular paste, added small
mosaic tiles, applied glaze for an old-world verdigris effect, and then secured a glass
vase with wire. It is now an outdoor Tuscan-style bud vase wall hanging, which I
suspended on a brick wall near the front door, offering an inviting welcome.

Clean the entire surface of the panel thoroughly. Lightly sand only the centre of the
door panel and wipe it clean. Install the necessary mounting hardware at the back of
the door panel, making sure it will hold the weight of the panel.

Position the glass vase where desired in the panel. Make a pencil mark on either side of
the vase, near the top, and then set the vase aside. Drill two 1/16” diameter holes
through the pencil marks. (Wire will later be threaded through these holes.) Place a
screw in each hole and apply painter’s tape around the outer edges of the centre panel.

Using the spatula, apply a 2mm thick layer of the granular paste to the centre panel,
creating a textured pattern as you go. Randomly press glass mosaic pieces into the
paste. Wipe the mosaic pieces clean with a damp cloth. Remove the screws. Let the
granular paste dry for 24 hours.

In a paint tray, mix 1 part acrylic paint and two parts glaze medium for each colour.
Apply one glaze colour at a time with a slightly damp sea sponge, moving randomly
around the surface of the textured panel and leaving some areas exposed. Remove the
tape and clean the edges and mosaic pieces with a damp cloth. Let dry completely for
12 hours.

Once the granular texture is completely dry, apply two coats of exterior varnish, letting it
dry between each coat. Wait 48 hours before exposing the project to moisture.

Cut a 35 cm length of strong silver wire. Thread the two ends through the holes at the
back of the panel, such that the ends are even on each side. Place the bud vase
between the two wires and wrap the wire around the front of the vase to secure it in
place. With pliers, form a swirl with the wire ends. Hang the Tuscan-style panel outdoors
and fill the vase with water and flowers. Perfect for placing fresh garden clippings and
for evening enjoyment simply adding a floating candle.

Variations: Make a smaller version to hang on a fence. Substitute the glass vase for
three small terra-cotta planters, placing them side by side on a horizontal panel door.

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