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Flea-Market Make-overs: Re-vive to Re-invent!
“Salvaging flea-market finds to revive and reuse them in a new light has become an
important trend in today's décor and lifestyles.”

Make a day trip out of antiquing this summer, or browse through a few flea- markets or
antique shops on the weekends or during your vacation. Going to flea markets has
become a favourite weekend activity for many. For some, the socializing combined with
the thrill of the hunt is just as exciting as finding that perfect item. Salvaging flea-
market finds to revive and reuse them in a new light has become an important trend in
today's décor and lifestyles.
The following are a few simple projects to make using flea-market finds which require
very few tools and time. These projects are perfect for flea-market beginners made
with items that are commonly found at flea markets and antique shops.

1. An old wash-basin stand can be transforms nicely into an attractive coffee table with
an added glass top. Sand, wipe with tack cloth, stain, varnish or apply an oil topcoat
finish, and have a piece of glass cut to size. (Flea-market price from $15.00 to $55.00).

2. A grain scoop with punched holes. Transform an old metal grain scoop to be used
as a patio lantern. Sand lightly or brush with steel wool if needed, and wipe with cloth.
Give it a fresh coat of paint and topcoat. Once dry, apply assorted glass beads or
nuggets with silicone glue and let dry overnight. (Flea-market price from $10.00 to
$45.00). I paid $10.00 for one which was in mint condition. After I did some research
on the Internet I discovered it is worth $45.00.

3. Shutters can have a variety of uses like being transformed into CD racks or to use
for hanging up tools in a workshop or sewing room. Bring a CD case with you if
shopping for shutters to make sure they fit in between the slants because the sizes
tend to vary. (Prices can start at $8.00 for smaller ones depending on the condition
and size. Prices tend to vary greatly on these items. Many shutters are over-priced
and can cost into the hundreds of dollars for vintage pieces).

4. Glass insulators can be found in various colours like light aqua, mauve or amber.
Glass insulators were first used with telegraph lines and early telephone and electricity
poles. Placed on metal stands and beaded with assorted coloured beads, they make
innovative candle stands. The hole inside is just the right size for tea lights and votive
candles. (Flea-market price from $2.00 to $25.00 and up, depending on their condition
and age).

5. Metal plant stands are back in style. Simply sand, wipe with tack cloth, and apply a
fresh coat of paint to rejuvenate. Add an old sap bucket that has been painted, fill it
with ice, and you have nouveau chic wine bucket holder. They are also quite stunning
filled with pillar candles in assorted sizes. (Flea-market price from $15.00 and $55.00).

Useful tips for shopping at flea markets and antique shops
•  If you can't fix it or revamp it yourself, or don't plan to revamp it within a year, don't
buy it. It will end up collecting dust in your garage.

•  If the item doesn't go with anything else that you have, if you can't think immediately
of where it can go in your home, or you are not sure of the size or colour, don't buy it.
It's ok to wait, check and make sure, especially if an item is expensive.

•  Shop and browse around regularly in order to get familiar with market values of
items that interest you in order to know what a fair price for the item is.

• Set yourself a budget and stick to it - many shoppers get caught up in the moment. If
you're not sure, walk around and think about it. Don't be afraid to simply walk away
from an item; there will always be others.

•  Ask yourself the following questions before making a major purchase: Is it in my
price range? Do I have the space or place for it? Will it compliment or accent my
existing décor? What condition is the item in? Can I fix it myself or know someone who
can at a fair price? Sometimes having an item revamped can be quite costly, yet it can
indeed be worth the expense.

•  If you like an item exactly as it is and there is no question in your mind that you
simply must have this item, then by all means buy it. Rule number one in Flea-
marketing 101 is "always decorate with the things that you love".

You'll be amazed at what you can discover about your purchases on the Internet.
GoAntiques can help you to get familiar with current market values of items such as
jewellery, silverware, furniture, and art, or simply to research the costs of items you
may have in your home. I discovered that a simple little glass-stem flower vase with a
greenish hue that I purchased at a church sale for 50 cents is worth $150.00. When
looking at items, look under them for markings, manufacturer's symbols, artist
signatures, dates and so on - you might come across a hidden treasure.
Miy Flea-market Make-overs ~ Part-1
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Miy Flea-market
Make-overs ~ Part-2
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