Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Madeleine M Langlois

Metallic and Magnetic Stylish Screen: Metallic luminous paints for a
regal appeal

Hands-on time: Less than 3 hours.
Total time: Plus drying time for the paint
(2 hours for each coat).
Skill: Moderate
Project cost: Under $50.00 for the supplies

Materials & tools:
•  3 thick boards of plywood, fiberboard or hollow-core doors
•  Burlap or jute fabric and scissors (available at fabric stores)
•  Ruler or measuring tape
•  Loctite Power Grab, an acrylic base construction adhesive or PVA acid-free glue
made for fabric.
•  Latex primer paint
•  Paintbrush or roller
•  Regent Metallic paint by Ralph Lauren (teal)
•  Paint tray with a disposable liner
•  Textured roller (optional)
•  4 hinges and screw driver, (drill optional)
•  3 magnetic bars (available at Ikea)
•  9 decorative upholstery tacks
•  Tack hammer

(Materials for this project are available at hardware stores).

To define a specific space in your home or office you can customize a paneled screen
to suit your needs, while being both stylish and functional at the same time. For
textured interest, plain boards are first covered with jute fabric. The fabric covered
panels are then painted to give them a cool shimmering richness using the new
Regent Metallic paints by Ralph Lauren which are available in many shades from
bright turquoise to metal silver and gold’s. The luminous paint color gives this screen a
sleek regal look. To make the screen functional for my use I then attached three
magnetic bars vertically with upholstery tacks. I can now put up notes, to do lists,
inspirations, a calendar, pictures where I can easily see them. This functional screen
now adds drama, color and glamour to my office and at the same time as to conceal a
book shelve. Fundamentally decorative screens are a great way to effectively section
off a part of a room or space or to hide clutter in a home office, workshop, kitchen or
family room.

Measure the wooden boards, and cut fabric to cover the front and sides of each of the
panels. You will need six fabric panels of the same size, to cover both sides of the
panels. Since I used a thick type of fabric, I used an acrylic base construction
adhesive to apply the fabric to the surface and the sides of the panels. Spread the
adhesive over the wood panels, and use a slightly damp paintbrush to help spread the
adhesive evenly. Working from the center out; center and place the fabric over the
adhesive panel and press the fabric into place, stretching it slightly as you do this.
Lightly pull the fabric at the sides, add more adhesive if needed and pat down into
place, fold at the corners.

Repeat the same steps to apply the fabric to the two remaining panels. Turn the
panels over and repeat the fabric application steps, in the same manner to cover the
other side. For a clean finish on the sides of the panels, this time fold a small hem
over and add a little more adhesive and pat down to secure into place. Repeat the
same steps to cover the other two panels. Let the fabric covered panels dry overnight.

Apply a latex paint primer coat over the fabric panels, and allow the paint to dry. Once
dry apply a coat of the Regent Metallic paint in the color of your choice, mix well before
using. The paint can be applied with a paintbrush for a sleek clean finish or with a
textured roller for a hammed steel textured finish. Let dry, best overnight before
moving to the next step.

Once dry, assemble the panels together with hinges in the appropriate size needed.
Attach the panels together with hinges using the necessary tools. You can use a drill
to make pilot holes smaller than the size of the screws. When doing this make sure
that bottoms and the sides are perfectly aligned.

Measure and center a magnetic bar onto the front of a panel vertically and use
upholstery tacks to hammer them into place, repeat steps to affix remaining bars to the
other two panels.

To simplify the above project simply omit the fabric part; plain wooden panels can be
painted with a primer, and then apply the Regent Metallic paints using a textured roller
to create a hammered steel textured look, which is quite impressive all on its own.

Why not use two different colors of metallic paints to achieve a striped finish, or a
different colour on each side of the panels and turn the screen around to suit your
mood or a season.

I’m not crazy about plain white melamine anything, be it a simple shoe rack, book shelf,
cabinets or cupboards, in the family room, to laundry room. Spruce them up easily with
major color and wow factor using one of the many colors available in the Regent
Metallic line. Clean and prime prior to applying the paint.

Aside from painting walls for a dramatic statement, the new Regent Metallic paints can
be used in numerous ways; to paint moulding, trims, frames, large mirrors and
countless of other decorative accessories around your home, even furniture such as
chairs to coffee tables which are sure to make quite an impact.

You can use a staple gun to assist you in securing the fabric into place if needed. Use
a tack hammer to reinforce the staples as needed.
Miy Metallic paint screen decor
G e t t i n g  o r g a n i z e d  w i t h  s t y l e
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
The tree magnetic bars
can be replaced with
picture frames for a more
formal look. Depending
on how you utilize your
screen, there are many
ways to customize them
for your particular needs.
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