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Miycreations article and photographs
by  Madeleine M Langlois, MaddyLane Designs
Project Creations by Spencer Aitchison

MIY Teen Decor Graffiti Style:
Graffiti decor is a creative way for teens to explore and express themselves
through this art form on various surfaces especially to decorate their bedrooms
with their unique style. Its  a super way to revamp and jazz up plain items for a
sensational customized decor!

Materials & Tools that you will need for the various projects:
•TSP cleaner (Trisodium phosphate)
•Design of your choice on paper or a rough concept
•Graphie paper
•Painter’s tape
•Sanford Sharpie Paint Markers in assorted colors, bold, extra bold and
medium points (available at art stores)
•Smaller paint markers for details and outlines in assorted fine-tipped sizes
•Acrylic paint

(Materials for this project are available at arts, craft stores and hardware

“Graffiti art is...after all writing on the wall! At its roots, modern graffiti is still
about words and writing words on surfaces. Therefore, all graffiti writers are
just that, writers. Not all writers are artists or painters, that's why they are called

Graffiti is an ancient art, it is now part of our culture and done by various
people of various backgrounds and ages. It is now mostly associated with
teens, it is a creative way for them to explore and express themselves through
this art form on various surfaces especially to decorate their bedrooms with
their unique style.

Please note that not all teens do graffiti on public walls. I had notice that
Spencer’s art and drawings were very creative, I encouraged him to explore his
art on other surfaces beside paper. So he revamped and redecorated his room
with his signature style…you might say!

Not all graffiti is done with paint. In the early years, graffiti was done with all
kinds of things from Pilot Markers to home made paint markers, but now there
are so many different types of markers and paint markers that are available for
this type of art. Spencer’s choice markers are Sharpies, he tells me because
they glide well, easy to use, have sharp colors and many colors and tip widths.

Sharpies can be applied to various surfaces from furniture, canvas to walls.
This is what Spencer did to his room; first he planned his ideas and concept on
paper, as a guide to his creative vision. After applying a base coat to cover last
years art, he painted the walls with a camouflage design using acrylic and latex
paints. He applied freestyle sharpie writing and designs to a door, the pillars
and even added pizzazz to an old TV with. Last year he revamped an old
coffee table with graffiti and it looks fantastic, its not his “Chill Out Time” table
as he says.

*Attention Teenagers…please do not do this unless you have the full
permission and support of your parents.

Walls, Doors and Pillars: For the last few years, once a year Spencer likes to
change his wall art as he says. Before starting a new creation, you will need to
apply a good primer.
Kilz is the primer that will do the job, it prepares the surface plus covers stains
such as markers and various graffiti art. Because it’s a heavy-duty primer, one
coat will do the job. They are other such primers that cover stain, ask at your
local paint store.

Prior to applying graffiti art on a wall, pillar, door or furniture, make sure it is
clean first and free of any greasy residues. To ensure a grease free surface,
clean the various surfaces with TSP cleaner using manufactures mixing and
application instructions found on the box. Pat dry using a lint free cloth.

Spencer personalized the door, pillars and the TV with his graffiti style using
sharpie paint markers using names and words.

Graffiti designs can be applied freehand style, or if you prefer, you can
use a pencil, and draw the text, letters directly onto the wall or pillar surface.
Alternatively you can pre design your creation on paper fist. Draw, write or print
graffiti style words to use as your design template. Cut the design around the
edges then cut a piece of graphite paper in the same size. Put the graphite
paper under the cutout design; attach both to the surface with painter’s tape.
Use a pencil or pen to trace the design onto the surface. Once completed
remove the paper and tape, and you can begin adding colors and style with
the paint Sharpie markers using various width sizes. You can also simply opt to
omit the pencil outlines and directly apply the paint marker graffiti to your
chosen surface.

Color in the words or letters, the paint markers will glide smoothly onto the table’
s surface. Overlap some of the words around the surface. Add a color border
around the letters; shade in the areas around the edges of the letters or
contour them using medium to fine tipped paint markers, or metallic markers.
You can also use the wide markers for outlines, experiment or practice on
paper first.

TV: Older TV models need not be thrown away, because they look old or
outdated, especially if it still works. They can be jazzed up, after all they make
computer scenes in all sort of colors, why not add a little style and colors to
revamp an old TV. Again make sure the surface is clean prior to applying
graffiti writing.

Miy Variations:
•Other items that can be jazzed up with graffiti styling, are chairs, bookshelves,
book covers, work desks, desk top accessories, back-packs, pencil to CD case
carriers, MP3 player, cell phones, magazine racks, picture frames etc. I’m sure
you’ll come up with their own items to personalize with your own style.

Miy Tips:
•Sharpies are also great for various indoor and outdoor décor craft projects
along with many industrial applications. They are Xylene free.
Sharpie paint markers are permanent oil-based, opaque valve-action paint
markers. They can be applied to mat or glossy surfaces. They work well on
light or dark surfaces and can be applied to metal, pottery, wood, rubber,
glass, plastic, stone, etc. They are fade, water and abrasion resistant for a
long lasting durable mark. Which means you can use them on virtually any
To protect cool graffiti applied to various furniture pieces and give it a durable
surface finish, apply two coats of matt or gloss water-based varnish finish using
a paintbrush or a small roller. Several coats can be applied, letting each coat
dry between applications.
Personalized teen decor signature
style. Spencer has used his
girlfriends name as inspiration, as
on these pillars. He likes to sketch
his ideas on paper first.
From walls, doors and even an old
TV...many surfaces can be revamped
with freestyle art using Sharpie paint

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