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F e e l   t h e   S p i r i t
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   b e i n g"
Dear MIY readers, my favorite things to do aside from making and creating things... is
Dancing. I call it Spirit Dancing because it awakens my spirits. Dancing is my religious
experience, it frees my spirit & soul….It's like a meditation and exercise all in one.

It’s a combination of different dance styles, moves and energy.  I combined all the dances
that I have learned over my life into a spiritual sort of work-out exercise experience...its a
mélange of ballet moves, Thai chi, yoga, Spanish dancing moves, African tribal moves (for
the main beat I follow is the drum) all mixed with stretching exercises. It’s a way of
grounding and balancing oneself from all the half to dos in life. It’s a spiritual experience
because it integrate and reconnects one with the source. But while I do these moves I get
lost in their trace like a meditation...When I dance, I am so happy, I love, I dream, I forgive, I
play, I create, I heal, I have fun, I'm free, I revive, I hope, I give thanks, I'm grateful, I get
inspired...I vibrate ..I am therefore I grow, I glow and I expand...its truly energizing!
Hello miycreations friends..... Would love to hear from you
I would like to invite you to also visit on my blogs (where you can view all my latest website posts)..., I welcome and would most
appreciate your comments and look forward to hear from you. Miycreations website provides many MIY articles and inspirations,
I do get letters from my readers but its usually for advise. I would love to hear from my readers on a more personal note, in
order to get more direct feedback which let’s me know what is of interest to you my miycreations readers. Since blogging is a
new direction for me, I would most appreciate more visitors, thank you! Creative Regards Maddylane
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MaddyLane Designs.

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Love is all around... Feel the Spirit

Hey you, …yes you reading this post !!! Put the mouse down right now…step away from the computer, sand up, and push
your chair back a little bit. Stand straight, shake out your arms and legs for a few seconds, then stretch your arms up high,
first stretch the right arm, reach, reach high like touching the sky, …very good, then stretch your left arm, reach, reach for it,
reach the sky, that’s it. Then take a deep breath, and then exhale slowly… and put your arms out like in the above capture,
and hold it for a minute or so…. This is a very powerful pose, this pose is like a mini recharge to reconnect with the energy of
the source. When you open up your arms like this, you are opening up your heart light, feeling the energy go right through
you and then all around you. The more you allow yourself to feel this energy, the more it amplifies, feel it in every fiber of your
body. ...View the rest of the text here
Feel it coming from the center of the earth, like a golden ray, up your feet, up your legs, right up through your center core
(like the tree you see in the background), up your chest, back and out through your arms, your hands and through the top of
your head, as you feel this energy circulating through you, you will feel it expanding all around you. Its such an awesome
feeling. Yes there’s enough love to go around, you simply have to connect with it.

And take an other deep breath, hold it…and exhale slowly…ahhhhhhhwwwwww
and you can sit back down, and enjoy the rest of your day =)
I just shared with you the intro to Spirit dancing, awakening the energy… lesson 1 ;)

Take such mini computer breaks during the day. I tell you, you will work with more energy after, feel refreshed and you will be
smiling for sure! Have a wonderful day.
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vases ~ looks like stain glass
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