Miycreations Project, article and photographs
by MaddyLane Designs

Add a little colour therapy to your decor. Recycle and revive assorted glassware with style.
Make a brilliant statement with a grouping of half-gloss and half-frost decorative glass vases
using Pébéo Vitrea 160 paints. These glass paints are part thermo-hardening, transparent,
non-toxic, water-based paints designed especially to paint on glassware. Once they are heat
set they are dishwasher safe and therefore can be used to transform glasses to dishes into
gorgeous works of art.

Hands-on time: Under 1 hour per vase.
Total time: tack-free within a few minutes, needs to fully air dry for 24 hours.
To heat set bake in a domestic oven, after minimum 24 hours drying, for 40 minutes at 160°
C (325°F) (steady temperature).

Skill: Easy, its also a kid friendly class project
Cost estimate: Under $5.00 per vase

Materials & tools:
• Assorted clear glass vases (available at dollar stores, or use items from around your home)
• Rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth
• Painter’s tape, 7 cm wide
• Pébéo Vitrea #160, Gloss paint for glass, (I used are Paprika 03, Sun yellow 01,
Sandalwood green 14, and Turquoise 11)\
• Pébéo Vitrea #160, Frosted paint for glass, (I used Orange 31, lemon 30, Aniseed 38 and
Azure 36)
• A soft fibre paintbrush (a soft brush is less likely to leave brush marks)
• Candle wick or any type of string (your choice)
• Scissors
• Spray adhesive, 3M Super 77

* For a modern look;Note that you can also opt to use Pebeo Self-Adhesive Lead Strips a
stylish decorative embellishment instead of the string.
Instead of applying wick or string around the center of the vases you can opt to simply apply
a piece of self-adhesive lead strip band also available by Pébéo. Very easy to use and apply.

To put a twist on things and to add contrast, I wrapped white candle wick around the vases
to create center bands to given them a unique sleek look. The simplicity of these colourful
arrangements will purely brighten up any space and mood.

Wash the glass items thoroughly and wipe dry. Rub each item with a lint-free cloth with
rubbing alcohol to prepare the surface for painting.

Apply painter’s tape at the center of each of the glass vases, to create a straight band
between the two half of the item.

Apply the gloss paint to the bottom part of the vase with a soft paintbrush. Place the vase
upside down, let it stand for a few minutes then remove the painter’s tape. Let it dry for
about 2 hours.

Apply the frosted paint to the top half of the vases, starting from the center line created by
the gloss paint application in long, upward strokes.
Once completed, let the glass items set for 24 hours. Place the glass vases in an oven and
bake according to product directions (at 325 f / 160 c for 40 minutes). Remove the vases
from the oven using oven mitts, and set aside to cool.

Once cooled, leave 2 to 3 cm exposed at the center of a vase by applying painter’s tape on
both the gloss and the frosted side of the vases. This will prevent the spray adhesive from
leaving unwanted glue marks the vase.
Measure the amount of wick or rope you need to use by turning the wick around the vase a
few times, to completely cover the center band area. Cut the end of the wick at an angle.

In a well-ventilated area, spray the exposed center band with the 3M Super 77 adhesive. I
recommend using this type of adhesive for this project because it will stick the wick string
very well to the glass and it will stay on.

Press the end of the wick close to the edge of the tape along the vase and begin wrapping
the wick around the center overlapping it with the end of the second row. Hold the wick in
place for a few seconds and continue wrapping the wick around the vase. Press each row
snug against the previous row as you work, until the whole center band area is covered.
Make sure that there are no gaps in between the rows. Tuck the end beneath the previous
All you need now are single stem flowers to place in each bottle or vase. Group the bottles
on a mirror tile; the brilliance of the colours will reflect throughout a room.

Variations: Update plain bathroom glasses and jars with geometric designs using clear
frosted glass paint to achieve an etched look. Monograms or funky swirls can be added to
glassware with glossy outliners, glossy or frosted markers also by Pébéo.

You can also simply paint simple geometric shapes to update any plain glass ware to
coordinate with the retro style napkins.

Tips: Applying the wick center band can get rather sticky; you might want to use fitted
surgical gloves
MIY Half Gloss & Half Frost Recycled Creations
C r e a t i o n s  & I n s p i r a t i o n s
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
Nature inspired ~
It's spring revival time, a
celebration of colours
inspired by nature.
Recycled creations have
never looked so good.
Various glass vases are
revived with vibrant glass
paint colours combining
gloss and frost finished to
create unique spring
© All Rights Reserved
Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted 2016
~by MaddyLane Designs~ Madeleine Langlois

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Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted
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