Miy Gardening Tips
How to clean dirt gardening hands
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by  maddylane (madeleine langlois)

Miy Gardening tips ~ How to clean dirty gardening hands

I love gardening and getting my hands full of dirt, it’s a great way to connect with nature and to feel the
essence of your garden. Here’s my tips on how to clean dirty gardening hands.

To clean hard to reach dirt from under your finger nails, simply use the gardening hose with the nozzle setting
at flat, and spray under your nails. It’s a clean job in seconds. Its that easy. Make sure you moisturize your
hands after gardening to keep them nice and soft.

More quick gardening tips….

* Recycle your kitchen scraps, from eggshells to coffee grinds to make affordable and nurturing compost. You
will love the results much better than potting soil from a nursery or hardware store, and the price is just right!

* For abundant flower beds and save money at the same time, select perennials rather than annuals. Since
they multiply every year, simply cut them back and exchange with friends. That way you both have lovely full
gardens. You can also do the same for your vegetable gardens. You each grow different varieties of
vegetables and then share them with your friends.

* Gardening ground covering saving tip ~ you can save a lot of money by using pebbles or small rocks in your
garden as ground cover instead of using mulch, plus it looks better too.

* With the money you saved from the above tips, you will now have more money to purchasing better quality
gardening tools. Better tools can make gardening less of a task and a more joyful experience, plus it will save
you much money in the long run.

Most of all have fun ~ Happy Gardening Season!
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