Miy Recycled Bottle Craft ~ Video
"Recycled Illuminations for Earth Day Celebrations"
Kids Plastic Bottle Lantern Green Craft Creations
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
*If you cannot view the video Click on image to view the classroom video

Miycreations Project article and photographs
by MaddyLane Designs

Miy Recycled Plastic Bottle Lantern Creations
“Recycled illuminations”
Celebrating Earth Day ~ April 22, 2013

Looking for a fun and creative way to Recycle plastic bottles ~
transformed them into luminous colourful lanterns.

I visited my son Hayden's class for Earth Hour Day to show the children how to make colourful lanterns with recycled
bottles. It was so much fun. I was amazed at all their wonderful creations, each one a unique work of art.

Note That I had a cold and totally forgot my sunglasses where still on my head but that real life. I'm showing the video as
the original lenght taping for the next few days because Hayden's class wanted to view the video as it was that day. (I will
then repost a short version)

Happy Earth Creations & Celebrations
Colourful stripes, the water colour look, and the sponge technique.
CAUTION: do not use real candles, they will melt the plastic.
For safety I highly recommend to  use led battery candles or glow sticks, their glow will last for hours.
Kids can even bring the glow sticks lanterns in their tents or camps outs, or use as night lights in their
bedrooms because they are very safe.
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Teachers and educators, this is a wonderful green project to do in school with your class.
*To view the full Miy Recycled bottle lantern project and material list click here.
The plastic bottles are painted using translucent paint ~ Vitrea 160 glass paint (by Pébéo)  
They are water base and non-toxic with easy clean up, which makes them perfect to use for
classroom art projects.
The translucent paints can be applied with a paint brush or sponges.
Some of the children made fabulous designs using sponge shapes or simply with their paint brush.
Sponge and brush combo ~ bold stripes
I was telling the children that their are no mistakes with this project only discoveries, and some let
got really creative. Polk a dots, following the stripe pattern on the bottles, applying a couple of
colours on the paintbrush for a rainbow effect.
Stripes to colourful splashes.
Wide stripes to rainbow swirls.
All the children came up with most original creations
Cooper and gold combo ~ to fun cargo looks
Stickers can be left on or removed after the paint application ~ sponges can even be used to
make the stripes.
Other ways to make fun
creations with recycled
plastic bottles.
Bird Feeders,

Porch party light by
stringing a bunch of
smaller plastic bottles
together with led string

Candle holders, and

Freezer ice packs by
filling plastic bottles with
water and freezing them
and then use them to
keep picnic or cooler
food cold.
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