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by Madeleine M Langlois   MaddyLane Designs
Creation by my son Hayden

"Back-to-school Nature Craft art"

This is a fun fall project for the kids of all ages; It’s a collage and artwork creation
all in one. Here’s a super easy and creative craft project the kids will surely enjoy,
even at school. Children can make creative collages simply by combining a few of
nature’s elements together from rocks to seashell right onto artist’s canvas using
Touch relief paints. This unique multi-purpose paint acts as the adhesive as well
as the paint colours to embellish and paint and decorate their nature canvas
creations. An artist canvas and Touch paints are two basic craft supplies that can
be easily packed and taken just about anywhere.

Hands-on time: Under one hour.
Total time: Plus 12-24 hours of drying time for the Touch relief paints.
Skill: super easy.

Materials & tools:
•  Canvas in various sizes and shapes (two rectangular shapes canvases, and
one square one were use for this project)
•  Touch multi-surface relief paint by Pébéo in assorted colours and effects
( colours used for this project, Gloss black, Glass Orange, Shimmer Gold,
Shimmer brown, and Crystal cloud, Crystal pink)
•   Various nature findings choices and options for the collage; sea shells, rocks,
dried leaves, acorns, branches, moss, sea glass, sand.

Optional; Preserve-it by Krylon (to preserve the leaves appearance and colours)*
to be used by an adult only

(Materials for this project are available at arts and crafts stores, Nature elements
can be collected on nature walks.)

This is a fabulous project to do with a group of kids, indoors or outdoors,
depending on the weather. The fun part is the kids have to find their own
embellishments for their natures collage. Whether you’re at the beach or at the
cottage, send the kids out on a nature excursion (accompanied with older children
or with you) to find the decorative elements, such as rocks, pebbles, sea shells,
dried leaves, acorns, branches, moss, sea glass, pinecones, bark an so on. Once
they have their findings in hand, place all the findings at the center of a table.
Give each child one or two different colours of Touch relief paints, they can also
share too! The rest of the creative creation is really up to your child imagination!

Different ways that children can decorate and designs their nature canvas
Leaf impressions; leaves can be used to make colourful leaf impressions onto
the background of the canvas. Apply a few dabs of Touch paint at the back or a
leaf, press it well onto the canvas surface’s and peel it off, a colourful leaf
impression will remain. To start the nature canvas creations, have the kids make a
couple of leaf impressions of different leafs onto the canvas surface. Or they can
also just opt to add colour or a design of their choice onto their collage

Adding designs, drawings and shapes; Designs, shapes or drawings can be
added directly onto the canvas using the Touch paint in various colours and
effects. To add designs details onto the canvas, simply press the tube lightly and
glide evenly to create a design, from straight lines, to loops, swirls, curves and
dots. The Touch paints also have various nozzle tips applicators to apply free-
hand creative touches and designs. New nozzle cap attachments are available to
create other effects such as 3 lines, ribbon and thin-style types of lines.

Fingers can also be used to spread the paint around, or a paint brush. It’s really
up to the child to use and choose his or her technique for their creations.

Adding and affixing the nature elements; Have the children place their
various nature’s elements findings such as sea shells, rocks, dried leaves, acorns,
branches, moss, sea glass, sand onto their canvas. Once they are pleased with
your composition have them use the Touch Relief paints to affix them into place.
The Touch paints is also an adhesive, apply a dab onto each element garnish,
patting it down to secure it in place. The Touch Crystal Cloud dries to a clear
finish use it to apply elements, if they don’t want colour around a certain element.

Once the nature collages work’s of art are all completed. Let the Touch paint and
applied elements dry to fully bond and cure to the canvas for 12 to 24 hours. The
paint colours will not fade, crack or peel-off once dry.

These nature works or art make wonderful decorative additions to kids bedroom
décor. Plus a great keepsake and memento of their summer stories for them to
treasure. They can even be utilized to decorate your cottage or outdoor porch (if it’
s covered or somewhat protected from the rain).

To preserve these creations for year to come, you can opt to spray them with
a couple of top coats of Preserve-it by Krylon (to preserve the leaves appearance
and colours).

Variations; This nature collage project can also be done on paper and coloured
cardboard, instead of using the artists canvas.
Keep the Touch Relief paints handy this season, for they are multi purpose craft
paints and they can be used on various surfaces, such as fabrics, metals, and
wood to plastic.

Fun clothing craft suggestions include; hats, caps, school binders, shoes, and
school bags, can also be jazzed up and personalized with Touch Relief paints and
a few embellishments of your choice. Great fun for kids and teens fashions they
are sure to enjoy crafting their own fashions such as t-shirts, jeans, and jackets in
the same manner.
Miy Kids School Craft Art project
Back-to-School Art & Crafts
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"

MIy projects for teen's
Nature Art Collages can be
created with the various nature
findings; sea shells, rocks,
dried leaves, acorns, branches,
moss, sea glass, sand.
Nature elements and creative
details are applied with Touch,
a fun multi purpose paint that
also acts as an adhesive
by Pébéo

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