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by  Maddylane

Miy text it Chair ~ A creative way to express yourself.
Words of inspirations to relax by

Looking for a creative way to revamp and revitalize an Adirondack chair? This summer,
express yourself with colour and words and imprint your style. Make your own Text-it
For a burst of fun colour I used vibrant orange paint to jazz up my Adirondack chair.
The chair is embellished with circles in various sizes and assorted shades of turquoise
to give the chair a sleek modern touch. Various words, inspirations and phrases in
silver are applied all over the chair for a whimsy fun and words to relax by.

Hands-on time: Weekend project, completed in stretches of several hours each.
Total time: Add drying time for paints, silver marker details and varnish.
Skill: Easy to Moderate, depending on the style of words and text you wish to apply
around the chair.
Project cost: Under $25 for the supplies, excluding the chair.

Materials & tools:

• Adirondack chair - wooden
• Sandpaper (or power sander) and tack cloth
• Orange water based paint acrylic ( I used Cream Coulour by PBO Deco)
• Circle template or compass, plus pencil
• Acrylic paints in assorted shades of turquoise and a 1-centimetre angled paintbrush
• Computer printouts of assorted words or phrases in different fonts, styles and sizes
(minimum font size 70)
• A ruler, scissors
• Transfer paper by Saral (choose a colour other than what you're painting your chair)
• Painter's tape, 2.5 centimetres
• Fun-Tak putty by LePage
• Silver marker from Sharpie - Sharpie Metallic
• Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or a clean cloth and paint thinner
• Exterior water based varnish

(Materials for this project are available at arts, craft and hardware stores, or on line.)

I prefer to use non-toxic water-based acrylic paints with easy soap and water clean up.
You can also opt to use acrylic paints which are especially formulated for garden
furniture. Both types provide a fast-drying, durable finish.

For best results, the acrylic paint should be applied clean sanded smooth surface. If
your chair was previously painted, it must first be well sanded or stripped.

Sand the chair, and then wipe it down with the tack cloth. Apply two coats of orange
paint to the entire chair, letting it dry between each coat.

Use a circle template or a compass to draw about half a dozen circle spots in assorted
sizes on the Adirondack chair in key areas. Fill in the spots using an angled paintbrush
and assorted shades of turquoise acrylic paint. Let dry, and then apply a second coat
if needed.

Make computer printouts of various words and phrases in different fonts, styles and
sizes to use as templates. Use the ruler to measure surfaces of the chair on which to fit
text. For my chair, I used about 36 different sayings (e.g., Maddy's Chair, Escape, Day
Dream, This seat is taken, Freedom, No cell phones allowed, etc.). Its as you are

Cut the words out a half inch around the edges. Cut bands of transfer paper in a
similar size. Apply putty at the back of each word, and then stick the words all over the
chair, including the arms, seat and sides. Rearrange words until you are pleased with
the composition. Then, one word at a time, place a band of transfer paper under the
word, removing putty, and use painter's tape to attach word and transfer paper to the
chair's surface; use a pencil or pen to trace the outlines of the text onto the chair.

Remove the template (transfer paper and text), and fill in the outlines of each word on
the chair with the silver marker. The chiseled tip is perfect for making thin or thick lines.
Once dry, wipe off any exposed white transfer paper lines with a Mr. Clean Magic
Eraser or a damp cloth. Set aside to dry a few hours before applying the top coat of
In order to really protect your creative work from weather conditions, apply at least
three coats of exterior varnish, allowing it to dry between each coat. Once dry, allow 24
hours before exposing the chair to the elements.

Tips: For hard-to-reach areas to paint, apply the paint with i thin foam brush, it fits
nicely between the bars.

For little goof-ups with the silver marker or to simply remove or change a word, erase
right away with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or a clean cloth and paint thinner.

Variations: This all-over text concept can also be creatively applied to benches, flower
boxes, a picnic table, birdhouses, lawn decorations and shutters. Write words in
different languages, or use different colours of paint markers or leafing pens to make a
colourful statement.
Miy Garden ~ Text-it Chair
C r e a t i o n s  & I n s p i r a t i o n s
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
“Miy Text-it Chair ”  
Circles are made using a
compass or circle templates.
The words are transferred
onto the painted chair using
transfer paper.
Garden charms
look especially
enchanting in
Window boxes.
Maddy's "O" So Easy
to do Summer Salad...
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