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Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  MaddyLane (Madeleine M Langlois)

MIY Eco Creations ~ Upcycled Retro Circle Placemats:  
“Placemats revived with circles of colours, a fresh way to revitalize old stain palcemats with style.
ideal for summer time dinning outdoors"

For a fresh upcycle approach to summer time dinning; draw circles around your placemats to revive them
with style and colour. SetaSkrib fabric markers are so easy to use with basic stencil shapes, it’s almost
child’s play. The brush-tip felts are especially designed for drawing directly onto assorted fabrics from
cotton to silks. The clear vivid and bright colours will liven up plain placemats in no time at all. The markers
are quick drying and are permanently set easily with an iron.

Materials and tools:

•  Plain fabric placemats in solid colours (a great way to recycle and upcycle slightly stained placemats)

• Painter’s tape
• Setaskrib felt tip fabric markers by Pébéo (I used the following colours; 09 Green, 08 Light green, 18 Fluorescent
green, 06 Light blue, 07 Blue, 17 Fluorescent blue)

•  A template of circles in assorted sizes (I utilized various round items to make the cirles in diffrent sizes)

• Damp cloth or paper towels
• An iron

(Available at art and craft supply stores)

It is recommended that the placemats be washed beforehand without the use of bleach or softeners, dried
and then ironed. For stability while you create secure the placemats to a work area by placing tape on the
sides along the borders.

With a template of circles, draw circles in assorted sizes randomly all around the surface of the placemats.
Start at the top of the placemats and work your way down applying one colour at a time. For example, do all
the dark green circles first, then the light green and so on. Wipe the template with a damp cloth or paper
towel before using a new colour. (Doing this will keep the marker tips clean). Repeat steps for each
additional colour applied. Draw smaller circles inside larger ones, and visa versa. Draw some of the circles
to intertwine and some bubble-like single ones in assorted sizes.

The marker designs will dry quickly. Heat set the markers with an iron, by pressing for two to three minutes
on the reverse side of the placemats on the cotton setting. Once fixed, wait 48 hours before washing the
newly decorated fabrics. The placemat creations will withstand machine washing and drying.  You will be
amazed on how bright the colours remain.

To make a real summer slash at your next fiesta, why not make a whole mix and match dinnerware
ensemble. Make simple striped napkins to go with the set by using a ruler as a guide to achieve straight
lines. Why not add a table cloth or a table runner combining the circles and stripes.

Variations; At home or at the cottage this summer, keep children creative by having them make and
personalize their own placemat, pillowcase, beach towel or even T-shirts. Teens can get very creative with
these markers to make their own fashion statements.
SetaSkrib fabric markers can also be used free-hand style to draw flowers and fruits to assorted shapes or
motifs. They can be used to add assorted fun details such as swirls, dots, lines to text, letters or numbers to
decorate any fabric item. Add a touch of colour and style to numerous items around your home such as bed
sheets, chair covers, assorted linens to even curtains.
My four year old son made his own placemat, even if it did only take him ten minutes, he is so proud of it
and he had so much fun making it. Keep these markers out of the reach of younger children if you don’t
want to end up with a few truly original designs around your home. Just make sure that they are used under
your supervision.
The markers are available in fine or broad point tips, replacement tips are also available. Achieve a unique
watercolour effect by going over the marker lines with a paintbrush and some water.
They can also be used in combination with and over fabric paints.

Quick entertaining summer ideas: Make quick and easy wine glass charms by simply intertwining two
swirl type of paper clips together, embellish them with different bead colours and clip at the stem of each
glass. They also make great gifts.
Hands-on time: Less than one hour
for two placemats.

Total time: plus heating setting time,
to set the colours with an iron.

Skill: Super easy and kid-friendly.

Cost estimate: about  $3.90 per
fabric marker, total cost will depend
on how many different colours are
used. (The markers are long lasting
and can be used for several other
fabric projects.)

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