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MIY Eco Creation ~ Upcycled Painted Napkins
C r e a t i o n s  & I n s p i r a t i o n s
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
Miycreations Project creation article and photographs
by MaddyLane

MIY Project: Upcycled Painted Napkins Mod Style

Hands-on time:
An hour or two to make four napkins (depending on the details).
Total time: Plus add drying time and setting time (only five minutes with an iron).
Skill: Easy and kid-friendly.
Cost estimate: pennies per napkin.

Materials and tools:
-Plain cotton-blend napkins, placemats or tablecloth
-Graphite transfer paper and pencil *
-Painter's tape or low-tack masking tape *
-Stetacolor fabric paints by Pébéo, in assorted colours *
-Plastic bags or plastic wrap
-Craft paintbrushes

*available at art and craft stores

Add style and colour to plain napkins, customizing them to co-ordinate with your summer dinnerware or a party theme. With
acrylic fabric paints, your creations can be achieved with just a few simple geometric shapes in the latest dinnerware fashion

Acrylic fabric paints are as easy to use as regular acrylic paints: brush on and let dry. Stetacolor fabric acrylics by Stetacolor
fabric paints by Pébéo have fabulous colours and excellent coverage, they are nontoxic and the colours dry soft within 1 hour.
They can even be mixed to create an array of special effects and patterns using rubber stamps, sponges and paintbrushes.

Prewash the napkins or linens without using bleach or softeners, and let dry; iron if needed. Cover your work area with
newspapers and then place a large plastic garbage bag on top; doing this will prevent the fabric from sticking to the newspapers
or your work area.

Draw a design on paper, then place graphite transfer paper under each design and position one on top of each napkin with
low-tack masking tape. Use a pencil to trace over the designs to transfer them onto the napkins. You can also use stencils or
draw freehand.

Secure the napkins to your work area with tape along the borders. Apply fabric paint as desired with assorted brushes. Make
sure your paintbrushes are dry. Start at the centre of each design and paint out to the edges using one colour at a time; for
example, do all the purple areas on each napkin, then go on to another colour. Working like this will avoid smudging.

To make sure the napkins don't stick to the work area while drying, hang them up, or lie them flat on a clean surface. Let the
fabric paint set for 48 hours. Heat them by ironing them on the back side with and iron for a few minutes. Once the colours are
set they are permanent and washing machine and dryer safe.

Variations: Fabric paints can be used to brighten up many other decorative household items, including curtains, pillowcases,
tablecloths and chair covers.

Add a few punchy colour accents to a cotton blanket, and paint co-ordinating napkins to make a summer picnic set.
Ideal for craft activities to keep children busy at home, school, day camp or the cottage.

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